Partners in Innovation and Belonging: Citrix and TP

Partners in Innovation and Belonging: Citrix and TP

Teleperformance - 12.16.2021

As a company that advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Teleperformance constantly aspires to make a difference in our people, local communities, and the world we live in. We believe in the power of togetherness and people helping one another, and how it can inspire and pave the way for better lives.

The Teleperformance culture is strengthened by the values we live by. These are values that promote inclusion, fairness, and acceptance, as well as encourage us to embrace one another’s differences. We are grateful to have created solid partnerships with companies that believe in the same values and share our vision of a better world—a world that is free from prejudice and harm, and one that is united in promoting peace, equality, and selflessness. One partner that continues to be on our side when it comes to innovating and shares our passion for diversity and inclusion is Citrix, a technology company that develops virtual work technology and digital workspace solutions to create a better way to work. Our partnership with Citrix has driven an optimal remote work experience for our clients and employees. We’re also proud to have our partnership strengthened by our common goal of making the world a better place for all.

For Citrix and TP, it’s all about belonging

In a recent LinkedIn Live hosted by our very own Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Clementine Gauthier, we explored the roles of CSR initiatives with Scott Ballina, Global Leader of Diversity, Belonging, and Giving at Citrix, who shared how Citrix ensured that DEI initiatives were met even during a global pandemic, “We did a lot of work during the pandemic. A couple I would like to highlight are ones from our offices in Bangalore, India. And this was a great overlap between diversity and corporate citizenship. We have been working with a transgender women’s community in Bangalore. A lot of them would resort to begging in order to earn their livelihoods.” After investing donation dollars into a training program for the transgender women’s community, Citrix opened the door for opportunities, “Later in the year, we were able to hire some of those who have completed the (training) program into a Citrix contractor that does security in our offices in Bangalore.”


Like Citrix, Teleperformance continues to create impactful opportunities to those who are disadvantaged through our impact sourcing program—our initiative that aims to hire, train, and provide equal employment to those who are long-term unemployed, people with disabilities, refugees, people living below the poverty line, young people lacking formal education, immigrants, and veterans. In 2020, Teleperformance employed more than 70,000 impact workers from minority groups and disadvantaged communities.


Impact sourcing is an integral part of Teleperformance’s global CSR initiatives, inspiring us to be a Force of Good to others and our communities. Together with Citrix, we envision a world that embraces belongingness and generosity.


Get insights on diversity and inclusion from Scott and Clementine on our LinkedIn Live here.

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