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Paving the Trail towards an Equal World: TP and PBCWE

Teleperformance - 02.21.2022

Inspiring change continues to be at the core of Teleperformance’s values—a change that aims to move us forward and bring us all together as we embrace one another’s differences.

As advocates of gender equality, our journey towards empowering women has been highlighted by the many stories of our very own employees who exhibit sheer determination, resilience, and a quiet strength that led to success. Progress, for us, is synonymous with having an open mind, and believing that a culture of diversity is a valuable characteristic that drives us all forward. Our vision of the future paints a picture of a world where equality is abundant, where women’s voices are heard, and their success is celebrated.

Teleperformance’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion continues to be strengthened through initiatives that promote the principles of fairness, equality, awareness, and respect. “TP Women” remains dedicated to encouraging a gender-sensitive culture, allowing the advancement of women’s opportunities in the workplace, and celebrating the achievements of women in our workforce. To date, 52% of our workforce are women, and 25% of the Executive Committee are women. Looking into the future, we aim to reach our target of having 30% of women having senior leadership roles. Because of our commitment to empowering women’s success and driving change, Teleperformance remains relentless in pursuing opportunities that define the true meaning of advancing gender equality in the workplace.


TP and PBCWE: United in Empowering Women and Empowering Businesses

With our continuous passion for driving gender equality, we are truly honored to announce Teleperformance in the Philippines’ recent partnership with Philippines Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE). PBCWE aims to actively promote and effectively communicate the benefits of gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, while implementing business strategies that inspire gender sensitivity and diversity. In addition, PBCWE[1] helps partners in:

  • Building a stronger foundation for workplace gender equality and diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Creating better business outcomes through partnerships and collaborative efforts
  • Using and expanding network and resources to greater heights, as well as influence others to become better employees
  • Joining forward-thinking and like-minded organizations to further promote and advance workplace gender equality

Teleperformance in the Philippines is honored to join 18 member companies, all united in standing for gender equality and women empowerment. According to a press release from SunStar, the partnership was made official by a virtual signing ceremony with Jeffrey Johnson, Teleperformance in the Philippines’ Senior Vice President for Human Capital Resource Management; Tanya Famador-Japitana, Teleperformance in the Philippines’ Executive Vice President for Operations and Chairperson for TP Women Philippines; and Maria Aurora Boots Geotina-Garcia, Chairperson of Philippine Women’s Economic Network and Co-Chair of PBCWE.

In the same press release, Johnson voiced his thoughts on the partnership: “I thank PBCWE for the opportunity to be part of this partnership. There is so much that the society can contribute when we are all welcome and empowered. I am personally committed to seeing all levels being represented in the organization–not just women–but other areas that may be underrepresented. I am proud to be working side by side with PBCWE and I look forward to the success that we’ll see in the coming months as we take this partnership to the next level,” he stated.

Famador-Japitana elaborated on PBCWE’s pivotal role as Teleperformance continues to promote gender equality today, and in the future. “It’s truly an honor to be part of PBCWE,” Famador-Japitana shared. “We believe that it’s high time that we tie up with organizations like PBCWE to help provide the structure in our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts so that we can measure how far we’ve gone since we’ve launched TP Women and truly pave the trail for the next phase of our cause. I look forward to and fully support the plans of PBCWE and TP Women together.”


Gender equality in the workplace plays an important framework in facilitating business productivity, operational efficiency, and financial resiliency. Today, many companies are eager to set clear targets and metrics to create sound policies and programs. In PBCWE, we offer a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity for companies to undergo a simple and streamlined workplace gender equality assessment tool that can help them take concrete steps in their current practices on talent recruitment, succession planning, and employee retention. We are happy to know that Teleperformance is committed to pursue this as a core business strategy.

-- Maria Aurora Boots Geotina-Garcia

The road towards a better and equal world may be long. Yet the journey becomes shorter and less lonely—and we’re beyond grateful to PBCWE for their support and for making this partnership happen. We look forward to becoming agents of change and fostering a workplace that continues to create safe, equal, ethical, and empowering workspaces for the women of Teleperformance.

[1] Slide 10, “PBCWE Credentials”

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