Providing Award-Winning Digital Solutions: TP in India

Providing Award-Winning Digital Solutions: TP in India

Teleperformance - 03.25.2024

Today's fast-paced ecosystem has prescribed the traditional outsourcing model to adapt and evolve in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Implementing Global Business Services (GBS) has been known to create customer-centric, transformative, and seamless processes across wide geographies for large enterprises. It leverages emerging technologies such as automation, AI, analytics, and natural language processing to drive performance while achieving cost-effective operations.

As a global leader, we recognize the value of integrating GBS operations into our suite of solutions by relentlessly accelerating, improving, and redefining our digital offerings for our partners. One of our turnkey solutions is digital customer experience redesign and transformation, which implements and integrates omnichannel interaction architecture, personalization, data and analytics, AI, and customer journey mapping, among many others.

We continue to build relationships with companies that share our passion for innovation and digital transformation. By striking the right balance between the human touch and emerging digital ecosystems through fruitful collaborations, we are able to help our partners streamline their business in meaningful and sustainable ways. On this note, we are thrilled to announce that Teleperformance has received the 2023 P&G External Business Partner Excellence Award in India for consistent, high-level performance throughout the supply chain.

Teleperformance was recognized based on innovation, relationship, performance metrics, and service delivery. As P&G’s external business partner, the award recognized Teleperformance’s consistency in aligning P&G’s customer service objectives and ability to understand their unique needs in order to provide tailored solutions. Through the partnership, P&G was able to achieve improved business results and deliver exceptional customer interactions while adhering to P&G’s quality requirements.

Congratulations to our teams in India for another milestone! #ProudtobeTP

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