Great Place to Work® National Rankings

Q1: Global Great Place to Work® National Rankings

Teleperformance - 04.20.2023

For many years, the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Institute has been a global authority on workplace culture. Its Trust Model continues to set global standards in defining high-performing workplaces, notable for their workplace environment and culture.  Teleperformance’s efforts in providing exceptional employee experiences have been recognized – over and over again – thanks to our employees whose trust in us remain steadfast. Because of this, we have received GPTW® certifications in 64 countries for 2022. Today, 97% of our employees work at a GPTW®-certified site.


From here, we only aspire to reach higher as we continue to create the best workplaces for our employees and help our clients through our comprehensive digital business services!


As the first quarter of the year draws to a close, it is with great pleasure for us to announce that Teleperformance continues to establish our position as a great place to work globally. We are proud to be included in GPTW®’s National Lists in several countries, a remarkable achievement that puts Teleperformance at the forefront of workplace culture.


GPTW® continues to run National Lists (Top Ranks/Lists) in countries where a GPTW® affiliate is present. Here are the seven countries that were included in their respective GPTW®’s National Lists for Q1 2023!

  • Best Workplaces in Argentina (+1000 employees)
  • Best Workplaces in Colombia (+1000 employees)
  • Best Workplaces in the Saudi Arabia
  • National List in Nigeria (Medium category)
  • Best Workplaces in Peru
  • Best Workplaces in UAE
  • Best Workplaces in the Philippines (Large category)
  • Best Workplaces in Portugal
  • Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for in the USA
  • Best Workplaces in France (1,000 to 2,499 employees)
  • Best Workplaces in Greater China


For Q2, we are awaiting the final rankings on GPTW® National Lists for Teleperformance in other countries.

As always, we are grateful to our employees all over the world – these exceptional recognitions truly drive us even more to nurture a globally connected workforce that thrives in diversity and respect. Thank you to our employees for their continued trust and commitment.

Congratulations to our Teleperformance teams! Together, we are #ProudtobeTP!

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