Raising the Bar in Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Raising the Bar in Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Teleperformance - 10.23.2023

As customers continuously evolve, companies leverage the latest technologies to connect better with their customers. The Asia Pacific (APAC) region has seen consistent growth in digitization, utilizing emerging technologies that strongly focus on delivering great experiences to their customers. In the Americas, digital adoption is also increasing, with many companies investing in innovative solutions to delight customers – no matter when, where, and how. In the EMEA region, the demand for personalization is on the rise, with many companies relying on transformation and digital tools to meet their customers.


Standing out in today’s competitive landscape requires innovation, a commitment to operational excellence, and a robust capability to cater to diverse customers worldwide.


As a trusted digital business services provider, Teleperformance continues strengthening our position at the forefront of digital business services after being recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s CXM Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 globally, and in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. 


In Everest Group’s assessment, “Leaders” are recognized for consistently delivering CXM services. Growth and strengthened presence in new geographies, languages, or verticals are also characteristics that define Leaders, as well as the capability to offer tools and tailored solutions that add value to businesses, including analytics, automation, and digital experiences.  


Teleperformance adapts to master the future through our award-winning TP GenAI platform, Analytics-as-a-Service capabilities, and AI and machine learning-driven solutions. As a trusted digital business services provider, our partners count on us to offer flexibility, scalability, innovative insights, and operational excellence that help them achieve exceptional results.


Emerging as a Leader in Everest Group’s CXM Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 globally, in the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions, we target growth and strategic acquisitions to expand our global presence. In the Americas, Teleperformance is present in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and the Caribbean, delivering services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. In APAC, Teleperformance serves markets in India, China, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia, and Japan. The EMEA region sees Teleperformance serving markets in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Ireland, Benelux, Eastern Europe, and the MEA regions.


Everest Group’s assessment of Teleperformance included several key highlights that put the spotlight on our capabilities and strengths:


- Teleperformance’s generative AI platform TP GenAI and translation service StoryfAI

- Achieving growth through key acquisitions, resulting in increased presence in Europe, APAC, and Africa

- Driving productivity, improvement, and efficiency to operations and onboarding and hiring processes through a suite of AI-powered solutions, including Analytics, AI, and machine learning


Congratulations to our teams in APAC, EMEA, and the Americas for another recognition! #ProudtobeTP


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