Retaining Loyalty through Technology in the Hospitality Industry
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Retaining Loyalty through Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Rahul Jolly - 02.27.2023

Since the pandemic, the travel and hospitality has faced several challenges that have hindered smooth travel CX. However, as travel restrictions ease in several countries, the industry can expect a lot of pent-up demand. Travel continues to make a grand entrance and is set to stage a comeback, hence making it a very busy time for the hotels sector.

The hotels sector is currently seeing a shift in customer expectations mostly centered on personalized experiences, seamless travel CX, and quick service. In this article published in Hospitality Tech, I wrote about how meeting these evolving customer expectations requires hotel operators to redefine their business objectives, and take on the opportunities presented by new and emerging innovations.

Travel CX: Tech is Key to Retaining Loyalty

Across industries, seamless customer interactions play an integral role in elevating CX. In the article, I mentioned that 91% of customers said that a positive customer experience would make them more likely to return.

Personalized CX often fuels great experiences for travelers. Analytics and data provide important insights on a traveler’s preferred destinations, spending habits, or previous holiday preferences. With all the players wanting to get a slice of the passenger pie, having a foresight on customer behavior — thanks to predictive analytics — can provide a competitive advantage.

Automated exchanges can also enhance connections. I feel positive about apps, as they continue to make the difference. Thanks to technology, these apps can provide personal recommendations based on user location, relevant information (such as directions and hotel amenities) to make the travel experience smoother, and a hassle-free check-in process.

QR codes have a role to play as well, especially in booking reservations. As the world becomes more driven by technology and digital transformation, QR codes satisfy the digitally savvy travelers who prefer – and require – constant and speedy assistance everywhere they go.

Chatbots and AI also drive better travel CX, inspiring customer loyalty. With more and more travelers requesting assistance 24/7, these AI-powered chatbots can easily provide service anytime, anywhere. Let me share a quote from the article that sums up this point: “Advanced chatbots are built on emotional detection algorithms that evaluate distress signs and reply to inquiries appropriately, making them the ideal ally for customer care employees.”

TP: A Trusted Partner in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Teleperformance is ready to help businesses in the hotels sector achieve optimal performance in an ever-changing landscape. Our digitally integrated business services are powered by our high-tech, high-touch approach – the right blend of the latest technology and human empathy – that aids companies in the travel and hospitality industry create better engagement and build loyalty with customers.

Read my latest article “How Technology will Help Hotels Retain Loyal Customers in 2023” featured in Hospitality Tech. To learn more about Teleperformance’s expertise in the travel and hospitality industry, click here.



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