Riding the Innovation Wave through the Metaverse

Riding the Innovation Wave through the Metaverse

Teleperformance - 04.21.2023

The continuous advancement of virtual spaces is upon us, evident in the metaverse’s rise in recent years.

From its beginnings as a science fiction concept to becoming a key player in the gaming industry to being a virtual 3D environment where users can play, sell, buy, learn, and connect with others, the metaverse continues to show its potential. As physical meets virtual spaces, the metaverse can bring a myriad of opportunities.

We have hosted a keynote about the metaverse and its vast concepts in the TP Headquarters at Decentraland. The discussion featured Tomasso Di Bartolo, author of the book “Navigating the Metaverse.”

So, what is the metaverse according to Di Bartolo? What does it do? “The metaverse is another innovation cycle,” Di Bartolo explained. This cycle – which Di Bartolo broke down into “ingredients” – consists of the evolution from Web 2 to Web 3.

Web 2 is the stage where technology has been met and has made some advancements. The next “ingredient,” Web 3, is the stage that sees consumers with evolving needs. In the discussion, Di Bartolo focused and elaborated on innovation: “We are now closing an innovation cycle with Web 2, and we are now at the beginning of this new innovation called Web 3. We are on autopilot in terms of us going through content and in terms of ownership. So, Web 3, at the center of all this, what we have is immersiveness and ownership. These are the two main fundamental pillars of the new cycle – Web 3.”

Immersiveness seems to be a key characteristic of the metaverse. Immersive experiences have been powering the metaverse, making it more attractive to users. Brands and companies must understand that the metaverse presents an opportunity to engage with customers, especially when today’s customers are willing to explore new virtual environments such as the metaverse to buy, interact, and connect with brands. “Ultimately, the metaverse is going to create new consumer engagement. The new consumer engagement is really connecting to the physical business with the digital world in a new way. You want to be defined as immersive and have ownership,” advised Di Bartolo.

Learn more about the metaverse in our keynote featuring Tomasso Di Bartolo today! Click here
to watch the discussion now.


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