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Rise Above the Great Resignation

Teleperformance - 10.07.2022

In our infographic, we tackled the “great resignation,” which refers to the ongoing difficulties in recruiting and retaining talent as a result of the stiff competition in the job market triggered by the global pandemic.

Many factors can be attributed to increasing unemployment rates and employees leaving their jobs. Initially, most experts believed that it was caused by uncertainty sparked by COVID-19. However, it soon became clear that most workers quit because of safety concerns during a global pandemic, and because their companies didn’t provide enough remote work options.

In Teleperformance’s own employee survey centered on remote work[1], we found out that 37% of our remote workers would seek a different job if asked to return to the office. This data alone paints a picture of how having a remote work option is highly important to employees – and how remote work is also an opportunity for companies and brands to rise up above the challenges brought by the great resignation by paving the way for the “great reengagement.”

From Resignation to Reengagement

In an article by Fast Company, the great reengagement is a chance for recruiters to “minimize the impact” of employees who have previously quit their jobs. Keeping their current employees close, happy, and connected must be the priority.

For companies to evolve and transition from the great resignation to the great reengagement, recruitment teams, HR, and marketing teams must work harmoniously to create a sense of belonging for their employees. Here are a few ways to start:

  • Build meaningful connections by reminding employees that they come first.
  • Foster a workplace culture that thrives in diversity and growth, where each employee feels valued and recognized.
  • Empower employees by offering them growth and opportunities to learn even more.
  • Open two-way conversations to instill healthy communication to ensure employees are aligned with values and goals.

The Ongoing Reach of Remote Work

Over time, it has become clear that remote work still has a big role to play in empowering and engaging employees in a post-pandemic landscape. In the same Work-at-Home Employee Survey, it was reported that 90% of our employees prefer to work remotely, whether exclusively or mostly.

Teleperformance Cloud Campus leverages technology to engage better with our employees. It strives to empower remote workers through a secure, centralized work-at-home platform that delivers a rich and engaging social environment to inspire positive experiences and better engagement. It attracts and retains talented candidates, providing the best practices for establishing high-performing remote teams.

Through Cloud Campus, our clients and employees are experiencing the many benefits:

  • Improved employee satisfaction over the last two years (11% increase, vs. traditional office setup)
  • home program in 2019 and in 2021)
  • Improved client satisfaction globally (25% increase, between the start of our work-at-home program in 2019 and in 2021)
  • Better attrition levels (less 28% 2022 YTD, vs. traditional office setup)
  • Better and improved CSAT (better by 16%)
  • Improved AHT Compliance (better by 13%)

Engaging our employees effectively means evolving and adapting to what our employees want and need. Our employees’ voices continue to be heard loud and clear – and as a result, our commitment to fortifying our work-at-home model through Teleperformance Cloud Campus only intensifies each and every day.

Bridge the gap and explore the opportunities to connect better with your employees through remote work opportunities. Learn more about our
work-at-home solutions and contact us today!



[1] 2022 Teleperformance Work-at-Home Employee Survey (Sample: more than 127,000 survey responses across 42 countries)

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