Seizing Opportunities: Meeting Airlines Customers Where They Are

Seizing Opportunities: Meeting Airlines Customers Where They Are

Catia Silva - 04.04.2023

The Teleperformance Business Insights Lab previously published a white paper featuring primary research on customer attitudes to travel and airlines, and customer service opportunities in the sector. The research was based on 2,648 interviews with airline customers in 13 different countries, containing real feedback from thousands of passengers who have used airline services.


The Business Insights Lab is an award-winning research center that explores and studies the consumer’s changing expectations and behavior. It continues to be committed to sharing valuable insights to aid brands and companies improve and elevate their business strategies.


In the white paper, the Business Insights Lab was able to get an in-depth glance at an airlines industry heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the many factors that surround and affect consumer behavior and channel usage. It explores the channel preferences of different demographic groups, consumer outlook and changing behavior, impact of the pandemic on service levels, self-service trends, and many more.

Key Findings and Customer Service Opportunities

Airlines need to build trust and confidence in their service again, as consumers have expressed disappointment after the pandemic. The Business Insights Lab’s survey found that 63% of consumers believe that airline customer service quality declined since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Airlines need a post-COVID-19 customer service strategy.


In terms of customer service opportunities, the customer service channel growing the most in preference was Instant Messaging, which includes Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging platforms.

The percentage of consumers using social media to contact airline companies nearly doubled with the pandemic. Preference for social media also increased but was surpassed by the gain in instant messaging fans. In turn, instant messaging had the second-largest increase in usage.

Contact volumes also increased with the pandemic, with 65% of consumers interacting with their airline 2.3 times a year. This was a 13% increase compared to contact levels before the pandemic.

The number of different channels used have also increased. The average across all consumers grew to 1.9 channels. Most consumers used just one channel (56%), 21% used two channels, but 23% used at least 3 different contact options to reach the same airline company. This represents a 29% increase over pre-pandemic levels.

On an important note, this increase in the number of channels used after the pandemic was bigger than in any other sector featured in Business Insights Lab’s research.


Final Thoughts

Airlines need to build back trust if they want to improve loyalty and advocacy, but they need to acknowledge this dramatic change in how their customers want to communicate. Seizing customer service opportunities is key. The industry has faced serious challenges throughout the pandemic and the subsequent recovery period, but they now have an opportunity to really succeed in 2023. There are revenue opportunities for the airlines that get this right. It is vital to meet your customers where they want to communicate with your brand – or risk further disappointment.

Download the Business Insights Lab’s white paper “Are Airlines Facing More Turbulence or Clear Skies Ahead?” in full by clicking here.

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