Seizing the Opportunity: Streamlining In-House Customer Service

Seizing the Opportunity: Streamlining In-House Customer Service

Gary Slade - 04.23.2024


Many companies continue to integrate various business services and functions into their in-house centers, often referred to as "captives.” Recent data from Everest Group suggests that these centers represent a significant portion (27%) of the global business process management sector, and investments in these centers are expected to grow as businesses look to manage costs and maintain competitive advantages.


Challenges for In-House Centers


Currently, in-house centers face several challenges such as outdated technology systems, rising operational costs, and the increasing difficulty of hiring and retaining skilled staff. Economic fluctuations and advancements in technology, including generative AI, are prompting these centers to reconsider the extent to which they rely on outsourcing partners.


The Role of Rebadging


One strategy is "rebadging," where a process, department, or function is transitioned to an external service provider while the original employees are retained under the new management. This approach can help businesses focus on their primary goals while enhancing efficiency and reducing costs through the expertise of a dedicated service provider.


Choosing the Right Partner for Rebadging


Now is an excellent time for in-house centers to choose a partner that offers innovative and cost-effective services. Digital customer experience management (CXM) services have seen significant growth, indicating a strong market for advanced, data-driven service solutions. A good partner can help manage both the operational and technical aspects of transformation, beyond simple cost reduction.


Benefits of Working with an Experienced Partner


With the right partner, businesses can enhance their operations and better manage complex, technology-driven processes. An experienced provider can bring extensive knowledge and a robust infrastructure, ensuring security and efficiency. Companies that choose to work with a seasoned partner can also offer their employees opportunities for growth and development through the transition process.


Choosing to work with an experienced rebadging partner can significantly benefit in-house service centers at every stage, from initial setup to full transformation. Such partnerships can provide financial expertise, advanced technology solutions, and a comprehensive understanding of industry-specific challenges.

Why Choose Teleperformance for Your Captive Business Needs?

Captive businesses looking for a reliable partner can depend on Teleperformance's extensive experience and proven track record. With over 45 years in delivering exceptional customer experience management (CXM) and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions.


Teleperformance is uniquely equipped to help businesses throughout the different maturity stages: from setting up captive operations, to transformation, and to carve-out. Our expertise in managing and enhancing complex technology-driven processes can help your business excel.


We have successfully rebadged over 100,000 individuals in the past 12 years, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like generative AI and analytics to drive substantial transformation.   


Teleperformance’s financial strength and extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions, and rebadging make us a trusted partner in navigating complex business transformations.  Our commitment to security and technological integration is reflected in our best-in-class IT infrastructure, setting industry standards for reliability and data protection.


Our global presence ensures deep local expertise in every market we operate, making us a preferred rebadging choice for organizations aiming to streamline operations and focus more on their core competencies.


To learn more about how rebadging can benefit your business, contact us today!


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