Setting the Highest Standards in Employee Experience

Setting the Highest Standards in Employee Experience

Teleperformance - 07.20.2021

Over the last four decades, Teleperformance has forged a path marked by many milestones, success, and recognitions. We have created partnerships built on trust and respect, giving us inspiration to make each interaction matter—the mantra we have lived by in recent years, highlighting our passion for creating meaningful connections.

The past year has taught us that the most important connection of them all is the one we have with the core of our business—our employees. As the pulse that drives Teleperformance forward, our employees are the heart of our organization, and with each passing year, our commitment to provide an excellent workplace for our employees only strengthens. This is why we are always honored when our efforts in elevating the employee experience are recognized.

With this, we are more than grateful to top the list of Twimbit’s “Top 10 CX BPOs to Ace Employee Experience,” a report released in April 2021. Headquartered in Singapore, Twimbit is a technology company providing market research and insights. In its report, Teleperformance garnered an Employee Experience (EX) rating of 8.3, the highest among ten BPOs included in the list. For the report, Twimbit has designed an applicable EX framework for BPOs, evaluating over 40 CX BPOs. The framework uses six pillars for evaluation, which are the following:

Communication: the ability of management to communicate its vision to employees. For this pillar, Twimbit gave Teleperformance a rating of 9.
Investment in Technology: management investing in technology to make work efficient and effective for employees. A few technologies that were featured in Twimbit’s report were the “MyTeleperformance” app developed during the pandemic, and Teleperformance’s Work-at-Home cloud platform that enabled 80% of the workforce transition to a work-at-home environment. Teleperformance received a rating of 8.
Voice of Employee: employees maintaining an open communication with management, allowing them to voice ideas, thoughts, questions, or concerns. Twimbit gave Teleperformance a rating of 7.
Learning and Development: management providing career development opportunities and training to employees. Teleperformance was able to provide 44 million training hours last year. For this, Teleperformance got a rating of 9.
Social Connection: management showing willingness to participate in social agendas. Teleperformance received a rating of 9 for this pillar.
Rewards and Benefits/Recognition: management providing necessary benefits and bonuses to promote the health, well-being, and safety of employees. For this pillar, Twimbit gave Teleperformance a rating of 8.

The report also listed several highlights that cemented Teleperformance’s position as the leader in employee experience, including career development programs JUMP! and Teleperformance University. In addition, Teleperformance’s focus on providing excellent workspaces and creating equal opportunities for its employees were featured: Twimbit’s report mentioned that 69% of non-agent positions were filled internally, 43% of the Board of Directors are women, and 90% of employees work at a Best Employer subsidiary.

We are truly thankful to Twimbit for this recognition! Teleperformance celebrates this honor with our employees, who deserve nothing but the best. Thank you for your continued trust. We remain dedicated in setting the highest standards in employee experience so that our employees can grow, achieve, lead, and be happy. Congratulations to all Teleperformance teams around the world!

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