Smart Partnering Strategies for Addressing Key Business Challenges

Smart Partnering Strategies for Addressing Key Business Challenges

Teleperformance - 06.23.2023

The current state of the global economy presents uncertainty driven by inflation, dwindling supply and resources, and a massive decline in talent. As more and more businesses attempt to regain their foothold in their respective industries, therein lies the additional – and monumental – challenge of navigating constant change while creating added value in order to drive sustainable growth.

Technology continues to trigger companies to move forward and adapt, diving into the latest innovations and digital tools that harness cloud infrastructures, flexible work-at-home solutions, digital channels, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. While some can rise above the digital waters, businesses with in-house operations may find it extremely challenging: finding and retaining the right talent has become a gargantuan task, transitioning from traditional operations to embrace digital solutions cannot be done overnight, and managing evolving consumer demands in disruptive markets can be difficult.

Adapt, Grow, and Thrive with Teleperformance


In an insightful LinkedIn Live discussion, Erin Broecker, Senior Director of Global Marketing, was joined by Eric Dupuy, Chief Business Development Officer, to discuss the advantages of working with a trusted business services partner. With vast, global reach, decades of experience, and digital-first capabilities, Teleperformance has already helped businesses across various industries adapt, grow, and thrive in highly competitive environments.

In today’s digital world where the industry landscape is constantly evolving, what are the benefits of working with Teleperformance? “Teleperformance has been leading the industry for the last four decades,” Dupuy said. “We are experts in various verticals, and we can immediately bring value in how companies operate, how they recruit, how they train, how they onboard people. We are early adopters of any new technology. We can help our partners transform their business models to transform their processes and to operate at a lower cost, delivering similar, if not higher, quality.”

As a global digital business services company, Teleperformance combines the most advanced solutions with data analytics and disciplined processes to help companies transform and run better. We are committed to helping organizations adapt by delivering the most advanced, digitally powered business services that provide a comprehensive, AI-powered service portfolio from front-office customer care to back-office functions.

Many companies are kind of cautious, asking ‘hey, do we go for AI?’ or ‘do we automate this process of this one?’ Part of our job is to make it a reality. So, when companies outsource to us, they get the full benefit across the entire chain – from recruitment to integration of technology, to quality, and to performance, and results. And, of course, they get the cost benefit of an expert who is fully focused on managing each interaction in the most efficient way.


Watch our LinkedIn Live featuring Erin and Eric to learn more about integrating agility and adaptability into your forward-looking business model. Click here to watch the discussion!

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