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Soaring Beyond: TP in UK is Certified GPTW!

Mark Pfeiffer, Executive Vice President of the Global Management Team - 09.18.2020

Teleperformance in the United Kingdom has reached another milestone! We are delighted to announce that TP in the UK has been named by the renowned Great Place to Work Institute as a Great Place to Work.

As a first time winner, we are truly proud of our teams at Teleperformance in the United Kingdom. As a global leader, we remain passionately motivated to ensure our employees’ well-being and safety, and allow them to thrive in a culture of diversity and inclusivity so they can move forward both in and out of the workplace.

According to the GPTW Institute’s report, the key drivers of engagement our employees at Teleperformance in the United Kingdom identified were Teamwork, Innovation and Values, and Ethics. The numbers have shown that 98% of employees agree TP in the UK is a friendly place to work, and 93% of employees agree they get empathy and support from their manager when they need it. In terms of diversity, equality, and inclusivity, 96% of TP in the UK employees agree they are treated fairly regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender and position. In addition, 89% of employees agree TP in the UK actively promotes mental and physical health amongst its employees.

Teleperformance is grateful for our people in the United Kingdom who have made this milestone possible! Your hard work and constant efforts through the years are very much appreciated. We toast to your success, and here’s to more! Congratulations, Teleperformance in the UK!

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