Standing Strong in Fighting Discrimination

Standing Strong in Fighting Discrimination

Clementine Gauthier - 03.01.2023

Teleperformance is committed to creating a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and honors the unique stories and backgrounds of all our employees. We believe that fostering a culture of respect, fairness, and inclusion is essential for creating a better world for everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

On March 1, we observe Zero Discrimination Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about discrimination and promoting equality and tolerance. As part of our ongoing efforts to fight discrimination, we are committed to continuing to challenge bias and inequality wherever we encounter it, and we encourage others to join us in our commitment to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and respectful world.

Erasing the Stigma

Zero Discrimination Day was first observed in 2014. It was started by UNAIDS to bring awareness and to promote the rights of people living and affected by HIV. The day aimed to erase the stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV-positive individuals. In recent years, Zero Discrimination Day has expanded its focus on ending all forms of discrimination and on supporting human rights that promote equality and justice.

As a Force of Good, Teleperformance continues to recognize the value of celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion. We truly embrace diversity and multiculturality – we are made of more than 410,000 people, coming from all parts of the world and speaking more than 300 languages and dialects. We make it our goal to make the world a better and fairer place for all – and we do so by taking one, impactful step at a time, starting with opening the avenue to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In a LinkedIn Live featuring our very own Moneer Scott, Global Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, we explore the vast themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), and how companies can leverage their diverse workplace culture in challenging settings. Joining Moneer in the LinkedIn Live is Eric Love, Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Notre Dame.

“Address the Naysayers”

The road to an equal world is not paved in gold. There are challenges – and pushback – that remain. During the LinkedIn live discussion, Eric touched on the importance of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as they can help bring awareness on the importance of diversity in the workplace, a steppingstone to eliminate discrimination. “There's some people who don't understand the value of diversity and inclusion, or why are we even paying attention to this,” commented Eric. “I think that we definitely need to address the naysayers. Let them know the business case model. Let them know that's the right thing to do. Let them know all the benefits of having a diverse team. ERGs are huge value. They help with recruitment, retention, with the culture of the organization. They make people feel like they belong.”

Teleperformance is committed to changing the world. We are fueled by our values that are enriched by our strong focus on DE&I. We believe in building safe spaces for our employees, which is why we empower our ERGs and provide them wide platforms for them to speak their minds to raise awareness about important issues surrounding diversity.

On Zero Discrimination Day, we make our voices even louder to fight inequality and all forms of discrimination. May we continue learning from one another, practice kindness and respect, and be committed to creating an equal and better world for all.

Join Moneer and Eric in an insightful LinkedIn Live
exploring diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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