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State of CX in 2022

Teleperformance - 03.18.2022

The first quarter of 2022 is already close to wrapping up and so is the cx 2022. So far, we continue to witness a swift change in customer demands and customer expectations, as a result of living in a post-pandemic environment—the significant realignment and shift in customer expectations, changing value sentiments, economic conditions, and lifestyle changes have totally impacted buying behavior. Changes aside, there is no denying that one important truth remains: providing exceptional customer experience IS vital, as it is a key driver in building important connections between brand and consumer.

Consumer preferences continue to evolve, and brands need to think and rethink their CX 2022 strategies in order to adapt and be competitive. As trends come and go, it is important to learn about the state of CX today, always keeping an eye out on significant factors that can go a long way in elevating the customer experience. David Rizzo, President of Teleperformance in the Asia Pacific, recently supported Twimbit on their report “State of CX 2022: Insights, Best Practices, and Innovation Opportunities.”

Twimbit’s research listed six priorities for winning the Experience Economy in 2022[1]. They are, as follows:

  • Digital-first: define the new measures of digital CX success
  • Decipher the right organization structure for CX success
  • Building the right technology architecture through cloud-first, conversational AI, and customer data platform technologies
  • Capitalize on big trends
  • Deliver outstanding employee experience
  • Partnering for CX 2022 success


The Digital Era has Landed

At Teleperformance, we continue to acknowledge the role innovation plays in bridging the gap between brands and consumers—it is instrumental in allowing us to provide simpler, faster, safer interactions. As a digitally integrated business services company, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation by leveraging the right technologies through our AI-powered solutions, customizable cloudshoring models, and automation, advanced analytics. Our digital capabilities allow us to eliminate geographic barriers while also allowing business continuity for our clients. Furthermore, Teleperformance focuses on creating intelligent solutions to shape decisive strategies for data-driven digital transformation.

Trusted Partnerships

With over four decades of experience, Teleperformance has become a trusted partner of the world’s most recognized brands. Through our AI and automation capabilities, a globally renowned electronics manufacturer improved the customer experience. Our machine-learning-based predictive analytics solution helped one of the world’s oldest banks in maximizing their leads and attain improved performance. We have also assisted a leading online food delivery company navigate business disruption while increasing their customer satisfaction score by implementing the Teleperformance Cloud Campus model for managing and optimizing remote teams.


[1] Twimbit, “State of CX 2022: Insights, Best Practices, and Innovation Opportunities.” February 2022


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