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Strengthened Ties: Khoros and TP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Teleperformance - 12.07.2021

The road to a diverse, equal, and inclusive world is shorter with a little help from our partner, Khoros.


At Teleperformance, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) can be sources of strength and progress. Meanwhile, at Khoros, a top-notch customer engagement software services company, it’s all about ensuring that DEI and belonging are at the forefront of everything they do. As Khoros and Teleperformance continue to work together in creating exceptional customer experiences through innovation and technology, the partnership is strengthened through shared beliefs in the power of DEI.


In a recent LinkedIn Live session, our very own Lisa Dolan, Senior Vice President of Employee Engagement and Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, talks about several best practices to ensure respect and a fair work environment for all. She is joined by Angie Buster, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Khoros.


As someone who sees to it that inclusion and belonging initiatives are implemented throughout Khoros, Angie begins the conversation by discussing new recruitment opportunities and challenges surrounding diversity, which are faced in a post-pandemic world. She says that “The impact of the global pandemic on recruitment continues to take a toll on employment and hiring. The first challenge that we have, or continue to have, is just the geography of everything. At one point, we were really limited into the candidate pool that we could bring in because wherever we were geographically located or wherever we had offices, we were really sourcing from that particular candidate pool.” As regards selection and training, “we want to make sure that we remove bias from our candidate experience, making sure that we have the right training, removing any type of pre-conceived notions, and that becomes a little harder too just because of how we interact now, right?” She then continues to explain that “Without face-to-face and personable activities, it’s a little harder to mitigate from this little box that we’re in. So, we put a lot of attention around training, our managers, our hiring managers.”


For Angie, Khoros’s DEI committee plays a crucial role in spreading awareness about DEI to its workforce. “We want to be seen as thought leaders within the space. The DEI committee’s purpose is to educate and spread awareness to the workforce on the collective differences that are represented throughout our world,” she states. “And so, the DEI committee really leads to a broader, strategic attempt that we have at Khoros, which is within our pillars of diversity.”


Lisa also shares Teleperformance’s take on diversity and inclusion. Like Angie, Lisa believes that promoting diversity should be everyone’s responsibility. “We’re all responsible for diversity and inclusion. And for Teleperformance, as an organization, we can all influence that change, and we all want to influence that change as well.” And how should DEI be explained? “We try to keep it simple in terms of communicating it to our workforce,” remarks Lisa. “Diversity is where we want everybody to be involved and invited to the party. Equity is everybody gets to contribute to the playlist, and inclusion for us is everybody has the opportunity to dance.”


Various resource groups are highly supportive of Teleperformance’s DEI initiatives. For instance, TP Women continues to make strides toward highlighting the many achievements of the women of Teleperformance. At present, we have employee resource groups that make Teleperformance more inclusive than ever before — these groups focus on empowering people with disabilities, celebrating ethnicity, and creating safe spaces for our LGBTQ+ communities.


Watch the full LinkedIn Live session featuring Lisa and Angie to learn more about today’s best DEI practices. Also, keep an eye out for more informative and relevant insights featuring key industry thought leaders. Visit our Teleperformance LinkedIn page for upcoming live sessions!




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