Strengthening TP’s Commitment to the World

Strengthening TP’s Commitment to the World

Teleperformance - 07.06.2021

Giving back to the communities we live in has always been a significant part of the Teleperformance culture. For us, our passion for making a positive impact has led to many lives changing for the better—a fact that makes our hearts warm and inspires us to share greatly to those in need whenever we can.

Teleperformance’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities serve as the bridge that connects our people to their communities. Over the years, our employees have selflessly volunteered and took part in creating a better world, always inspired to help in any way they can. This year, our Citizen of the World (COTW) initiatives continue to affect countless of lives. We are truly grateful to our employees for their efforts to strengthen Teleperformance’s commitment to make the world we live in a better place for all.

Here are a few of COTW’s highlights that happened this 2021:

Teleperformance in Tunisia
Last March, Teleperformance in Tunisia started its “Great Cold 2021” initiative together with partner UniVersElle at the Opus Center in Kram. This COTW activity saw employees donating clothes, blankets, heating materials, toys, and other winter clothing to less fortunate individuals in local communities across seven Teleperformance sites. Great Cold 2021 was a success, as nearly 3,000 winter clothing items for adults and children were donated by our generous Teleperformance employees. Overall, the total value of donations reached $29,903.5.


Teleperformance in the Netherlands
Giving back to the local community has always been a top priority for Teleperformance. This time, it’s Teleperformance in the Netherlands that made a significant impact to help change lives. Last April, Teleperformance employees in the Netherlands ran a marathon that aimed to help Stichting KiKa, a charity foundation that funds research on all forms of childhood cancer.


Respecting social distancing protocols, Teleperformance participants ran for a cause. They then posted their runs online and invited friends and family to donate small amounts. Overall, their efforts were fruitful: the initiative received more than 7,000 Euros in contributions from different private sponsors. Teleperformance donated to the cause, resulting in a total donation of 15,000 Euros to Stichting Kika.


We thank our Teleperformance employees who have generously contributed to our COTW initiatives this year! We remain relentless in creating a positive impact to those in need. Teleperformance looks forward to seeing you on the next COTW event in your community!

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