Sustained Leadership and Innovation: TP in Peru

Sustained Leadership and Innovation: TP in Peru

Teleperformance - 03.06.2023

In an ever-changing outsourcing landscape, innovation continues to fuel a company’s ability to grow and evolve.

Teleperformance remains committed to harnessing the best technologies to drive consistent growth, adapt with changing customer behavior, and implement business continuity.

Over time, we’ve added to our vast roster of countries where we operate, always ready to provide simpler, faster, and safer interactions to our clients’ customers across the globe. Powered by our vision and mission to become the global leader in digitally integrated business services, we continue to strengthen our position as the largest service provider in the Latin American CX outsourcing services market.

Teleperformance is grateful to start the new year right as we add another achievement. We are pleased to announce that Teleperformance in Peru has been recognized as Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Company of the Year for Customer Experience Outsourcing Services.

Opening in 2017, Teleperformance in Peru has grown to become a trusted partner in elevating the customer experience. We have leveraged the local workforce with talent from other countries, such as Colombia, Mexico, and Nicaragua to optimize operations in the country.

This recognition from Frost & Sullivan is a prestigious honor, recognizing Teleperformance for leading the industry in growth and innovation, as well as its capabilities and solutions to accelerate customer experience outsourcing services in Peru.

“The company is at the forefront of the fiercely competitive CX outsourcing market. Many CX services companies have attempted to serve the nearshore market out of Peru, but have not flourished,” stated Samantha Fisher, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, in a press release. “With its strong overall performance, Teleperformance has successfully earned the 2023 Frost & Sullivan Peru Company of the Year Award in the CX outsourcing services industry.”

Juan Carlos Hincapié, CEO, President of LATAM and Global Deputy COO
at Teleperformance, expressed his thoughts on the latest recognition from Frost & Sullivan. “Teleperformance is very happy to be independently recognized as the 2023 company of the year in Peru. Our mission is to deliver a smooth and safe high tech – high touch customer experience on every interaction. We are pleased and honored to serve as the leading industry benchmark both in Peru and globally.”

Congratulations to our teams in Peru for another stellar achievement!

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