Sustaining Biodiversity to Protect the Web of Life

Sustaining Biodiversity to Protect the Web of Life

Teleperformance - 06.17.2022

Biodiversity is the variety and abundance of life on Earth. Also referred to as the “web of life,” biodiversity refers to every living and breathing organism on our planet – from bacteria to plants, and animals. According to National Geographic, it is estimated that there are about 8.7 million species of plants and animals in existence. Out of this number, only 1.2 million species have been identified. We can only imagine what else is there, just waiting to be discovered.

Biodiversity is key to supporting present and future generations. Every organism, no matter how small, plays an important role in supporting and maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. Biodiversity – and the ecosystems where it flourishes – provide food, clean air, and water.

However, these have been severely impacted by humans through activities like mining, waste production, and industrialization. These activities have led to the destruction of natural habitats that are essential for biodiversity, and have resulted in the loss of species.

An example of one negative impact is the Amazon Forest in South America. This rainforest has been regularly mined for precious metals and is now predicted to become a savanna by the end of the century, according to the WWF. The loss of the Amazon Forest would not only mean the loss of one of the planet’s “natural lungs” but would also mean the loss of water resources as well as countless species of plants and animals that are crucial to our way of life.

TP: Towards Sustaining Biodiversity

Stopping the decline of biodiversity might seem like a gigantic task. But when we work together towards a common goal, the load becomes a little lighter. The first few steps, however small, are the most important, because they can ignite progress and inspire others to act and achieve the common goal of protecting and preserving the web of life.

Fueled by our Citizen of the Planet (COTP) initiatives, Teleperformance addresses the ongoing fight against climate change while finding sustainable ways to protect the planet. To sum up our tree-planting activities across three countries, we have planted a total of 6,000 trees in 2021 – 2,000 in Greece, and 4,000 in Indonesia. This 2022, we already have planted 1,000 trees in Colombia, with 1,000 more to be planted by the end of the year in Greece. By December 2022, we will have planted a total of 8,000 trees in two years.

Together with our employees all over the world, we continuously make a positive impact on the environment through our global programs. Learn more about them below:

Last February 26, our volunteers in Colombia planted 1,000 trees in a vulnerable area, Suesca-Cundinamarca, affected by deforestation. The tree-planting activity was made possible through our partnership with Al Verde Vivo Foundation. This environmental initiative is also part of Teleperformance’s “Hands On” CSR program.


Another COTP initiative saw volunteers participating in a cleanup activity at the Bogota River, one of the most important water sources in Colombia. Overall, the Hands On program had 50 volunteers, all committed to making a positive impact on the environment.


Being a TP volunteer has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. Bringing a message to my community to protect the planet and the environment has been the most rewarding part of this wonderful experience. — Andrés Salcedo, active Hands-on Volunteer

Following last year’s success in Greece, Teleperformance has renewed its partnership with the non-profit organization “We4All” to make the planet a better place. Their “Green Attica” reforestation effort is a project that truly inspires and motivates our employees to become a part of it. Having planted 2,000 tree seedlings in 2021 and recognized as the first “Earth Protector of the Environmental Alliance” of We4All, Teleperformance decided to go greener in more ways this year. Our volunteers have already planted more than 1,000 trees this 2022, with an aim to plant 1,000 more until the end of the year.

Biodiversity Greece

Inspired by this year’s Earth Hour, our teams in Greece launched a social media campaign inviting everyone to engage with social media posts by mentioning a friend. Starting from April 2022, we have aimed to plant 2,000 trees in Attica for each mention made. Teleperformance also organized a tree-planting activity in cooperation with an organization in the country that supports the integration of people with intellectual and development disabilities.

In Indonesia, our volunteers planted 2,000 mangroves in Jakarta, and 2,000 more in Jogjakarta – a total of 4,000 mangroves in Indonesia in 2021.

During World Cleanup Day, our volunteers participated in beach cleaning activities and planted 2,000 mangrove seedlings in Semak Daun Island located at Seribu Islands. Teleperformance also collaborated with the Green Edelweiss Foundation, a foundation that focuses on the issues of environmental damage and natural disasters in various regions in Indonesia.

(Mangrove Indonesia) Biodiversity Indonesia

Teleperformance also held a mangrove planting activity at Trisik Beach, Kulon Progo in celebration of World Tree Day. The initiative was made possible through the partnership with Green Edelweiss Foundation. This mangrove tree planting activity aimed to create a new ecosystem to provide an environmental balance and create a multipurpose impact on the economy of the surrounding community. The initiative also supported the government's program for the rehabilitation of mangrove forests in Indonesia.

Learn more about Teleperformance’s Citizen of the Planet initiative today!

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