Teleperformance and Majorel: Mastering the Future, Together

Teleperformance and Majorel: Mastering the Future, Together

Teleperformance - 11.10.2023

As markets, customers, and digital technologies evolve, we remain steadfast in our mission to help the world’s best brands streamline and transform their business in meaningful ways.

At Teleperformance, good is never good enough. That’s why we believe in continuous innovation and boundless business potential. We’ve always set our sights on constant growth and continuous innovation to master the future. We firmly believe that achieving both requires building adjacent lines of businesses, establishing expertise in various industries, and amassing a strong presence in all major economies of the world to deliver exceptional services at a grander scale.

This is why we’re very excited to announce Teleperformance’s acquisition of Majorel – a high-quality, solid, and mostly European markets-focused company that specializes in customer experience management and business processing outsourcing services.

The acquisition creates a digital business services organization with EUR 10+ billion in revenue[i] and a strong presence in all major economies of the world, with nearly 500,000 team members in more than 95 countries.

Making Perfect Business Sense

The acquisition opens a whole new world of vast opportunities and deepens Teleperformance’s expertise across verticals, further diversifying the Teleperformance client portfolio. Due to the shared values and capabilities of both companies, clients can benefit from a unified, high-quality team operating in all key regions around the world: the Americas, Europe, India, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

With this acquisition, Teleperformance will be able to offer solutions that are even more agile and resilient, delivering greater impact for our clients, our people, and our investors.

  • Together, the Majorel-Teleperformance combination creates a company of significant scale in Asia and Africa, two of the biggest penetrable geographic locations for the future
  • Solid gains in European operations, India, and Specialized Services
  • A diversified client portfolio with robust momentum in the social media, content moderation, financial services, and healthcare markets
  • Continued innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and capability to attract the best talent, which drove enhanced outsourcing solutions across the Group

Our continuous evolution as a company solidifies our industry leadership and reinforces the vision of our growth strategy.

Read more about the Majorel acquisition by reading our press release here.



[i] Based on the financial year 2022.

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