Teleperformance Beyond Business: Sustainable Impact Global Leader of 2024

Teleperformance Beyond Business: Sustainable Impact Global Leader of 2024

Teleperformance - 05.20.2024

We are proud to celebrate yet another milestone as Teleperformance is honored with the prestigious Sustainable Impact Global Leader Award for Customer Care Center 2024. Awarded by HP, this recognition underscores our exceptional commitment to renewable energy, ethics, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), elevating corporate responsibility and making positive social impact. Teleperformance's initiatives, closely aligned with HP’s goals and values, play a pivotal role in helping HP reduce emissions within HP’s global supply chain.

The awards ceremony brought together industry leaders to showcase and celebrate the best sustainability practices and carbon footprint reduction efforts. Satish Bettadapur, HP Global Head of Customer Care Centers presented the winner, highlighting Teleperformance’s significant achievement in corporate renewable energy utilization surpassing 25% and its multi-faceted efforts across sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility.

“I want to congratulate and thank our Teleperformance team for being such tremendous partners to us. Teleperformance has demonstrated remarkable commitment to advancing sustainable impact initiatives, aligned with the HP Impact Pledge. Their comprehensive approach is evidenced by strong overall sustainability impact key indicators and well-structured goals, substantiated by a public CDP report, and independently verified by third-party partners.”

Bettadapur also complimented upon Teleperformance’s adherence to ethical business practices around the world and promoting inclusivity, stating, “Teleperformance’s substantial contributions to HP life and initiatives focused on DE&I, reflect their commitment to fostering positive social change and empowering individuals.”

Cloud Campus Model: Pioneering Sustainability in Remote Operations

We have been actively contributing to sustainability and environmental impact for over four decades. With the introduction of Cloud Campus, Teleperformance’s global work-at-home model, in 2020, we further solidified our dedication to fostering a greener future. Designed to enhance business resilience, agent performance, and data security while providing unparalleled global flexibility, this remote-first approach has revolutionized traditional work models.

The Cloud Campus model not only boosts operational efficiency but also significantly reduces environmental impact. On average, a remote work model results in 55% less carbon emissions compared to employees working in a brick-and-mortar location. Moreover, the remote-first model supports clients across all markets, languages, and vertical industries, facilitating seamless interactions with Teleperformance cloud teams at any time. Currently, approximately 40% of Teleperformance employees globally work remotely.

Learn more about Teleperformance’s commitment to creating a better world. Explore how our innovative solutions and sustainable practices are shaping a brighter future for businesses, communities, and the planet in the 2023 Integrated CSR Report. Together, let’s continue making a meaningful impact on the world around us!


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