Teleperformance for UNICEF: Improving lives in Ukraine

Teleperformance for UNICEF: Improving lives in Ukraine

Teleperformance - 08.18.2023

Teleperformance continues to be committed towards UNICEF through the three-year partnership launched in 2022.

With the aim to contribute to make education accessible and available to all, Teleperformance decided to support UNICEF’s programs in Ukraine. Thanks to this support, UNICEF can ensure that the most vulnerable children can continue having access to education, humanitarian aid, care, and health services. Since the beginning of the conflict, UNICEF has been present in Ukraine and in the neighbor countries, continuing to respond to the urgent needs of children and families affected by the war, ensuring children receive an education in safer environments they need to continue learning. Teleperformance is proud to support and contribute to this important cause.

Protecting Children while Ensuring Education

UNICEF and its partners have supported children in Ukraine and the neighboring countries since the conflict began. Here is a quick overview of what has been achieved in the latest months, between January and April 2023[1]:

  • 4 million children are accessing learning online or through a live and online modality. To support these children, UNICEF distributed 20,000 digital learning devices to children to allow them to study online, prioritizing children in the east and south where insecurity prevents them from attending class in person.
  • 158,988 children have benefited from teaching and learning supplies provided by UNICEF.
  • 342,481 children have been engaged in formal or non-formal education through various interventions.
  • UNICEF organized activities that supported the psychosocial needs of 168,544 children, contributing to improving their mental health, life skills, and social and emotional competences.
  • In April alone, UNICEF supported 39 schools, kindergartens, and medical facilities by distributing 46 water tanks distributed to 17 professional technical schools, which benefited 5,632 students and employees. 24 institutional hygiene kits were given to schools and kindergartens in the Voznesensky District of the Mykolaivska, supporting 6,488 students.417,384 children, including 14,353 children with disabilities, have benefited from mental health support provided by UNICEF.

Sharing Stories from Ukraine

UNICEF, together with the association of Ukrainian cities, also assisted the Inclusive Resource Center (IRC) of the Khmilnyktska local community. Over 200 children with special developmental needs received special equipment for the center’s correctional and developmental classes. One of the initiative’s beneficiaries is 13-year-old Ivan. Ivan’s mom, Olena Kostiuk, reflected on how the IRC helps her and her son: "Every year, we receive a free voucher for treatment in health resorts from our state," explained Olena. "For my son to move independently, he needs to undergo such treatment more often, so we buy another voucher, which is expensive for our family, to undergo rehabilitation twice a year. Here, at the IRC, Vanya has an opportunity to visit all the specialists. The most important for him is physical therapy sessions. I hope that the whole complex of classes will help my son to walk independently in the future.” Thanks to UNICEF, Ivan and Olena receive support in this Inclusive Resource Center. 

As Ivan and Olena, thousands of children and families continue to need support to have a life that is as close to normal as possible in these difficult times.

Learn more about our partnership to support UNICEF.

(*) UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

[1] Source: UNICEF Situation Report January – April 2023: Ukraine-Humanitarian-SitRep-No.27-30-April-2023.pdf (

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