Teleperformance for Women: Celebrating International Women's Day
Diversity & Inclusion

Teleperformance for Women: Celebrating International Women’s Day!

Teleperformance - 03.04.2021

Teleperformance’s strong passion for promoting diversity, inclusion, and gender equality continues to be an integral key to our company’s success. We have long believed that diversity and equal opportunity are definitely necessary to inspire a motivated workplace environment, and as we navigate challenging times—we remain even stronger together, brought together by our differences and guided by our values.

On March 8, 2021, we are one with the world in celebrating International Women’s Day! This year, the global campaign “Choose to Challenge” has been launched—an invitation to everyone to change the norm by calling out gender bias and raising awareness on women’s equality. In addition, the UN Women’s International Women’s Day theme is “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World.”

We are proud to celebrate the women of Teleperformance’s achievements over the years. Our commitment to equal gender roles, diversity, and inclusion has been recognized in various countries through Great Place to Work®’s (GPTW) Best Workplaces for Women. Teleperformance is excited and honored to have received this recognition in Brazil, India, the Middle East, Argentina, and Greater China. According to GPTW’s websites, Teleperformance in the Middle East ranked 27th, Argentina ranked 7th, and India is in the Top 100. In addition, Teleperformance in Spain was also recognized as a Great Place to Work® for Women. These recognitions serve as a great inspiration as we further push our initiatives for a safe, ethical, and fair working environment for our employees regardless of gender, as well as providing support and equal opportunities to the women who empower the Teleperformance workplace.

As a global leader that continuously aims to develop initiatives that strengthen our people’s skills and provide equal opportunities for women, we are very proud to receive GPTW’s Best Workplaces for Women recognitions. Our global initiative, TP Women, continues to be instrumental in supporting women to progress their careers and in recognizing the important role women play in the workplace. To date, TP Women has organized several events globally that drive awareness and women empowerment.

We congratulate our teams in Brazil, India, the Middle East, Argentina, Greater China, and Spain for their achievements in creating a welcoming environment where diversity and inclusion are stars, allowing more ideas, more conversations, fair working conditions, employee motivation, and a sense of empowerment and belonging! We are thankful to our employees’ loyalty, commitment, and dedication—they are fuel for us to continue elevating the employee experience.

Join us this International Women’s Day as we continue the path that points us all to a safe space where diversity, equality, and inclusion reign. Here’s to celebrating women’s achievements and empowering them in every way we can!

Read all about Teleperformance’s commitment to diversity and equality.

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