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Teleperformance is a Most Loved Workplace

Alan Winters - 06.09.2023

Every year, Teleperformance’s passion for creating great workplaces is intensified by our employees’ trust in us.

Nothing warms our hearts more than having the trust of our employees. It inspires us to foster and thrive in a workplace culture that understands the value of togetherness, equality, and growth. To us, employee experience is of the utmost importance, which is why we are even more inspired to put our employees’ well-being, safety, happiness, and motivation first.

Success isn’t a one-way street. At Teleperformance, it’s our employees who drive us forward. For many years, the many milestones we have received have been the results of a successful collaboration with our employees. We take great strides in forming belongingness and in exhibiting transparency, allowing our employees to feel included and valued.

We are always grateful and humbled to receive positive sentiments from our employees about working at Teleperformance. We are honored to be included in Newsweek’s® list – a testament to our unwavering dedication to promote inclusive and fair workplaces where our employees can thrive, feel safe, grow, and succeed.

The 2023 Global Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces® from Newsweek is the latest list in the Most Loved Workplace® collaboration with the Best Practice Institute (BPI), a leadership development and benchmark research company. The rankings are based on BPI’s Love of Workplace Index™, which is based on data provided by employees along with analysis of external public online ratings and interviews from company officials. The results were determined after analyzing the survey responses of over two million employees from businesses with workforces varying in size, from 30 to more than 10,000.

The list recognizes companies that put respect, caring, and appreciation for their employees at the center of their business model.

“Since our initial publication of the Most Loved Workplaces® List in 2021, the workplace landscape has undergone a significant transformation, including shifts like return to office, hybrid work, the Great Resignation, quiet quitting, and layoffs, among others,” said BPI and Most Loved Workplace® Founder and CEO Louis Carter in a press release. “Throughout these changes, the crucial element consistently tied to the success of a Most Loved Workplace® culture, which attracts and motivates exceptional talent, is cultivating positive and more meaningful connections between companies and employees. This year’s featured companies on the Most Loved Workplace® list exemplify this principle, even globally.”

Thank you to our employees for making us feel loved! Together, we can only move forward from here. We continue to reinforce our commitment to our employees, inspiring us to solidify our position as an Employer of Choice every step of the way.

Our sincerest gratitude to each and every employee – the true stars of the show! Thank you for making us a most loved workplace. Together, we are #ProudtobeTP!


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