Teleperformance is Future-Ready

Teleperformance is Future-Ready

Luciana Cemerka - 02.18.2020

Happy customers are loyal customers. But in this fast-paced, digitally connected world where the competitor is only an instant message away, brand loyalty isn’t the customer’s duty. Instead, the brand must inspire loyalty from its customers by delivering more suitable functionality.

Ana Teresa Mesquita, Teleperformance's EVP of Global Marketing and Product, outlines how Teleperformance is innovating and evolving in the age of the customer. For her, the way to the customer’s heart is a positive customer experience, which is why Teleperformance strives to meet customers in their territory on whatever channel they prefer, whatever time of day.

In order for Teleperformance to boost customer loyalty and value, Mesquita highlights the importance of delivering premium support that builds on customer loyalty. This means listening to customers and by learning and evolving with each interaction. By achieving greater understanding of differing personalities, experiences, needs, and preferences, we are able to proactively manage our clients’ brands and reactively turn their customers into raving fans.

The three keys to an exceptional customer experience strategy: first, a deep knowledge of customer behavior. Thanks to analytics, Teleperformance is able to provide meaningful information that can be used to improve customer experience. Second, the use technology to boost the performance of our team. Third, the integration of this high-tech, high-touch approach with Lean Six Sigma, which enables Teleperformance to implement processes, operations, and solutions that drive efficiency, maintain flexibility, and uphold the highest security standards. All together, Teresa believes that Teleperformance is fully equipped and very much able to deliver simpler, faster, better, safer, and more cost-effective interactions.

How does Teleperformance stand out among the competition? What is our tactical advantage? Mesquita focuses on Teleperformance’s global best practices, and our ability to leverage local market knowledge to ensure high quality standards. She shares more. “We are a reference point when it comes to safe, ethical, and efficient customer experience, not to mention a global leader in data security and privacy. We are the largest team of interaction experts in the market,” she states. “Multicultural, highly skilled, and deeply knowledgeable, we enhance the performance of our people and augment the human touch by integrating AI and other emerging technologies into our solutions. Furthermore, we facilitate a collaborative and consultative approach, customizing and adapting to each client’s needs. Our level of flexibility can only come from over 40 years of experience.”

The race to the future is on, and industries and countries are enhancing their use of technology to stay competitive. At Teleperformance, we’re adapting our solutions to new technology and evolving customer demands. Our transformation into a global leader in Digital Integrated Business Services means focusing on developing transformation strategies that enrich the customer experience, improve efficiency, optimize cost of support, and explore new opportunities for businesses around the world.

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