Teleperformance Recognized as Brazilian Company of the Year

Teleperformance Recognized as Brazilian Company of the Year

Mark Pfeiffer - 04.20.2021

For the last four decades, Teleperformance has made its mark as a global leader in customer experience management. As we continue to evolve and transform our business to be able to provide simpler, safer, and faster interactions for our clients and their customers, we look forward to finding more ways to innovate and create more room to grow—we do so by continuing to implement solid expansion strategies, committing to transformational growth, and adapting to the needs of the evolving customer base.


With this in mind, we are pleased to announce another addition to Teleperformance’s list of milestones: Frost & Sullivan recognized Teleperformance with a Brazilian Company of the Year 2021 award. The award recognized Teleperformance in Brazil achieving a double-digit growth rate, as well as renewing business with some of the most renowned brands in the country, revamping HR processes, and implementing a strong work-at-home program.


Frost & Sullivan recognizes companies exemplifying outstanding best practices to enable growth, innovation, and exceptional leadership. In its press release, Frost & Sullivan commended Teleperformance in Brazil’s comprehensive proprietary solutions that manage and optimize all aspects of the customer experience. Teleperformance’s digital transformation capabilities through Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.)  and consumer research practice through the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) were also recognized. In addition, Teleperformance in Brazil’s exceptional agility demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic was applauded. By updating its HR processes with digital capabilities, Teleperformance in Brazil was able to strengthen its workforce and continue delivering best-in-class customer experience. By November 2020, 60% of Teleperformance agents were already working remotely in several cities in Brazil.


Frost & Sullivan’s Research Director Juan Gonzalez noted how Teleperformance in Brazil’s growth rate was a key factor. "Teleperformance in Brazil outpaced the overall market´s growth rate, achieving the second highest market share of 8.5 percent. Unlike the approach of other established and traditional vendors in the local market, its long-term strategy is to avoid low-complexity, low-quality operations," said Gonzalez. He also detailed Teleperformance’s footprint in the country and shared why Teleperformance has established itself as a preferred vendor in Brazil. "Teleperformance in Brazil’s current footprint in the country includes 15 sites, with 13 in São Paulo and two in Rio Grande do Norte, and employs more than 26,000 people," stated Gonzalez. "It leverages strong support teams to offer the deployment speed and flexibility demanded by clients in an evolving marketplace, entrenching its position as the preferred Brazilian vendor for new economy companies."

Congratulations on another milestone, Teleperformance in Brazil! Here’s to more. We are #Proud2beTP!

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