Digital Trust and Safety

Teleperformance’s Strengthened Commitment to Digital Trust and Safety

Akash Pugalia - 05.11.2022

Establishing a strong commitment to digital trust and safety policies fortify an organization's chances of reducing the risk of fraud and abusive behavior.

In the BFSI industry, trust and safety services emerged alongside the growth of ecommerce and card-not-present (CNP purchases). Since neither the cardholder and the card are physically present for the purchases, e-commerce brands had to develop trust in their platforms and ensure the safety of their consumers. Trust and safety services continue to extend to various use cases in multiple industries such as gaming and retail, and its scale continues to broaden over time.

A Commitment to Safety: Reducing Risks in a Digital-First World

Digital trust and safety must be dominantly established in social media platforms and within online communities. As the amount of data reaches staggering heights every day, it's inevitable to see the number of internet users multiplying. Content moderation is heavily required in these communities to protect users against harmful content and other fraudulent behavior. Furthermore, organizations must look for opportunities to restart or redefine their services or products in a post-pandemic environment. 

Trust and safety policies strengthen an organization’s commitment to reducing the risk of fraud and abusive behavior. Keeping users safe and secure in an increasingly digital world is already a big challenge on its own, but now there is also a growing task among organizations to accommodate the new, diverse needs of a growing market. Thus, trust and safety services must also evolve to protect all users.

More than Just Trust and Safety

Teleperformance goes beyond the scope of digital trust and safety to adapt to a world that is rapidly accelerating. With over four decades of experience supporting the world’s most renowned brands, we have consistently reinforced our commitment to safety, and have built partnerships powered by our proven practices that protect our clients’ data and users. Because of this, Everest Group has recognized Teleperformance as a Leader in its Trust and Safety – Content Moderation Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022.

High Res PEAK 2022 Trust And Safety Content Moderation Services For Teleperformance


Everest Group is a leading global research firm that provides strategic insights on IT, business process, engineering services, and sourcing. In its assessment, Everest Group positioned Teleperformance as a Leader, possessing key characteristics such as:

  • Consistent investment on all-round trust and safety capabilities
  • Ability to explore new avenues of value creation for its trust and safety clientele
  • Possessing deep industry expertise and superior tech capabilities
  • Leveraging analytics capabilities and new technology
  • Expanding global footprint and delivery presence across onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations

Everest Group’s assessment highlighted Teleperformance’s technology solutions and tools that ensure trust and safety: an RPA tool that identifies fraudulent activity, secure ID databases, trust and safety analytics, Intelligent Moderator Allocation Tool, a wellness app, and TP Gamification, among many others. Furthermore, the assessment also listed Teleperformance’s key strengths:

  • The development of the Intelligent Moderator Allocation Tool which uses automation to direct moderators to queues
  • Improved productivity and quality using the latest technologies
  • A key strategic partnership that allowed Teleperformance to improve trust and safety capabilities
  • Investment on policy management
  • Extensive language capabilities and translation services in more than 240 languages and content moderation services in more than 50 languages

Download the full report from Everest Group here. Click here to learn more about Teleperformance’s trust and safety services!

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