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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Teleperformance Supports Jonian Dolphin Conservation in Italy

Teleperformance - 10.03.2022

We’re always happy to share news that truly make a positive impact.

In Italy, Teleperformance is proud to support Jonian Dolphin Conservation Environmental Protection, a scientific research association that studies cetaceans of the Gulf of Taranto in the Northern Ionian Sea. The association’s members are dedicated to protecting the cetaceans of the Gulf of Taranto and spreading awareness on marine life protection.

In June, we launched a project of sustainable tourism and marine and environmental protection to finance the research of Jonian Dolphin Conservation’s biologists. The project, spearheaded by Teleperformance teams in Taranto, gave 300 people the chance to see dolphins up close. These excursions were used to fund research and boost environmental protection initatives for Jonian Dolphin Conservation. Volunteers also collected plastic and waste that can harm cetaceans during trips.

“These excursions have a double value – they offer a moment of leisure to our colleagues and family members, and at the same time, allow us to acquire information to study and systemically protect the presence of cetaceans in the Gulf of Taranto,” Gianluca Bilancioni said. “Dolphins are a powerful tourist attraction which benefits the local tourism supply chain. And for us, it is wonderful to be able to lend a hand. Jonian Dolphin Conservation deserves a big thanks from all of us for the excellent work it does every day.”

Jonian Dolphin Conservation specializes in managing marine projects that center on the study of environmental impact. The association has also created documentaries that focus on the preservation and safeguarding of marine environment. It carries out dolphin-watching activities for tourists on its boats to further spread awareness about the current state of cetaceans in the region.

“Today, I was on the catamaran kindly offered by Teleperformance. I took my seven-year-old son Gabriele with me. It was just the perfect day! The catamaran ventured into the sea, taking off at an increasingly sustained speed. The sea breeze refreshed us pleasantly. The staff on board was always polite and helpful. After a brief discussion on marine fauna, we took the catamaran to a group of dolphins. At first, we only saw sketches in the distance. But this alone was enough to make the children very excited. But I too, at the ripe old age of 47, felt great astonishment. We got closer and closer, and we can see them coming out of the sea. Then, we got so close to them that we were surrounded. We saw them from a few meters. And it went on for a couple of hours… truly wonderful. It is an experience that my son and I will carry in our hearts. A commendable initiative indeed.” — Stefano Chiantera

Teleperformance continues to play a role in creating a fairer and better world for all. We never stop looking for ways to protect the planet – our environmental initiatives in recent years have resulted in reduced energy consumption across global sites, and played a key role in sustaining biodiversity.

And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Join us as we reinforce our commitment to the environment by volunteering in the next
Citizen of the Planet activity in your area!



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