Business Innovation Framework

The Inside-out innovation framework

Michael Costevec - 12.28.2021

At Teleperformance, two of our most important values are Commitment and Innovation. We hold a strong belief that through a continued business innovation framework we can achieve and exceed our client’s expectations. There is so much available literature that has explained how the most successful and innovative companies in the world leverage the ideas from within. We can see that Innovation is always on the agenda of CEOs and now more than ever since the pandemic has fastened the adoption of Digital transformation, and that generating the “Talent and Culture” is one of the five key pillars to the holy grail for the top performing organization!

As such, our 380.000 employees worldwide, with billions of interactions we manage collectively each year as well as millions of processes internally, are the most important resource for generating ideas. Every one of us is close to our specific processes, products, and customers, know them best and are quickly able to identify what is potentially broken, or what is making our task repetitive or unconventional. So, there is no other person than us, in the best position to submit ideas for improvement and innovate at all levels of the organization for Teleperformance or for our clients.

Does that not sound familiar when having several interactions at the end of the day? We have heard complains on the process of the customer that could be quickly improved if a little change was made or if you could have solved an issue faster if the system was changed slightly to get the right information on time? While those ideas look small, they might have a tremendous impact by helping our customer and Teleperformance to save cumulatively millions of euros every year while improving the way our employees and colleagues work!

Those are definitively down to earth and very practical innovations that are needed to complement top-down innovation programs that help us adopt more macro trends such as AI, Big Data or Analytics that are required for us to survive such as the initiatives brought by our Innovation Working Group (IWG).

Now, having said that, and as mentioned at the beginning of the article, our business innovation framework is part of our core DNA and we always bring innovation through many initiatives across multiple countries, but there was a need to define a single and common approach to be adopted around the world. This to ensure we could in a fast-paced world equip ourselves with a fast-paced framework. This is where in 2021, as part of one of the CTC initiatives, we have scaled the approach that was born in India and adopted in Philippines and APAC to the rest of the world. All Ideas Matters (AIM), the vehicle for transformation within Teleperformance was born and adopted by all in a very short amount of time. As the name rightly suggests –All ideas matter, we value each idea which positively impacts our clients, end customers and internal improvement.

Though our global platform which is available from all our system including MyTP and CCMS and the enhancement of our core processes such as TOPS, within a single click, all individuals within the organization are empowered to think beyond and submit innovative ideas. From the Chairman to the associate, employees at all levels have a role to play.

Once ideas, are submitted through a systematic process, as systematic innovation requires it, they are reviewed by the management that help prioritize them and identify the right resources for the solutioning and the implementation whether it can be managed directly within the operation, or it requires help and support from the TAP team or other support functions. When ideas are implemented, then submitters are rewarded according to predefined criteria in each of our subsidiaries around the world, so we ensure we encourage and foster a culture of innovation.

Since the centralization of the tool last year, 25 000 + ideas have been submitted, and 1000 + ideas have been implemented generating benefits for our Employee, our Customers and Teleperformance, and the platform has played a key role in many of the initiatives we have driven this year to capture our employees’ voices into transformation such as the Botathon and the Datathon!

Finally, as a business innovation framework requires discipline, let’s force ourselves and commit to keep innovating together, submitting as often as we can new ideas, and as leaders execute consistently the AIM process to pilot and implement the fastest possible! So, collectively we can continue bringing higher the Innovation through Culture and Talent within Teleperformance.

Teleperformance and its business transformation services are like no other, find out more today.

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