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The Next Best Experience Powered by Analytics and AI

Teleperformance - 04.08.2022

The customer journey is continuously evolving, with digital technologies taking the helm. AI powered analytics have made their presence clear — there is no doubt that their roles have become critical in creating frictionless experiences amidst the changing CX landscape.

AI and analytics continue to be seen as game-changers in customer experience. AI-enabled technology is responsible for personalization, which invites a feeling of “connection” between a customer and a brand. Insights coming from analytics and data pinpoint areas of improvement for brands to engage better with their customers, ensuring that they are consistent and present every step of the way along the customer journey. From a company’s perspective, AI powered analytics are integral in assisting employees who require efficiency and accuracy in their daily tasks. With these in mind, the future of analytics and AI seem to be full of potential—and can only lead to greater heights as we aim to deliver the next best experience to customers.

Microsoft and Teleperformance: Enhancing the CX

In a recent LinkedIn Live session, Sachin Garg, Head of Transformation, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.™) CoE at Teleperformance, and Swapna Bapat, Head of Data and AI at Microsoft, discussed how to use analytics and AI to deliver the next best experience to customers and explored several challenges faced in today’s current environment. According to Swapna: “Some of the challenges are the silos, both from the data perspective, a technology perspective, and a people perspective. There is also the fact that many customers, especially if you take the BFSI space and the manufacturing space, have to deal with a lot of legacies. So, that, I think, is the first challenge.”

Swapna further shared her thoughts on overcoming challenges to mapping customer expectations, focusing on the customer data platform and its capabilities. “The customer data platform allows you to collect data from your existing applications, which is your system of record. But it also enables you to collect data from external sources, which literally could be from websites you are partnering with — it could be from social media or any other sources. And it allows you to get that single view of the customer,” she explained. “Taking this data and actually translating it to benefit the customer experience — I think that’s the key to what is happening and what is transforming because the customer data platform, along with customer experience, is what makes the difference.”

When asked how Microsoft can help the (customer) journey, Swapna replied that “having this ability to ingest data from external sources and system of records — this can be done in real time. We can also use cognitive services to extract data from documents. Hence, enabling a faster experience for the user.”

For Teleperformance, Microsoft is a reliable partner that can help provide customers with the next best experience through AI powered analytics. Sachin enumerated the capabilities and benefits of teaming up with Microsoft: “I think Microsoft Synapse really helps us capture data, ingest this data, compute this data, and I think one thing that I really liked about Microsoft Synapse is that it gives us the ability to do limitless analytics. There’s a lot that we need to do when it comes to the next best experience. It’s all about ‘how can I use the past data to predict what customers would need in the future?’ That’s a solution that can give us predictability, enabling our frontline advisors to interpret, predict what kind of query customers would have, what kind of need they would have — and they’re able to respond to that. It’s been a great journey so far.”

Teleperformance is ready for a future that is fortified by digital solutions that adapt and evolve. Garg briefly discussed Teleperformance’s digital capabilities that help us deliver the right experiences at the right time, which, in turn—lead to exceptional customer service: “We build solutions with the cloud first in mind, and we use data as memory by using AI powered analytics to predict customer behavior. We’ve created TP Interact where we do a lot of insight analysis, and data mining customer behavior to then apply analytics so our front-line advisors are more equipped to deliver the next best customer experience.”

Learn how AI Operations and analytics can deliver the next best experience! Watch the full LinkedIn Live session featuring Swapna and Sachin by clicking here.


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