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The Quest for a Better World that is Rich in Solidarity: The Other Human

Teleperformance - 09.02.2022

“Solidarity means love, respect, communication, with no discrimination,” shares Konstantinos Polychronopoulos, founder of the social kitchen “The Other Human” (O Allos Anthropos).

Konstantinos has long been passionate about helping his community by eliminating discrimination through communal experiences – and in The Other Human’s case – it’s cooking and preparing food, then eating with others.

The Need for Solidarity

The Other Human started in 2011 in Greece, after Konstantinos witnessed two children fighting over spoiled, discarded food. What was most shocking to him was the behavior of the passers-by, who didn’t do anything to help. Triggered by this, Konstantinos returned the next day with sandwiches, offering them to the shy children who initially refused the food. Yet, when Konstantinos came closer then ate the sandwiches with the children, they finally agreed to take the food and eat.

With this, The Other Human was born.



Konstantinos then decided that more could be done. Armed with a portable gas cooker, a pot, and ingredients donated by people who wanted to help, he began cooking in public spaces, feeding the homeless, the poor, the socially vulnerable, the unemployed, and the needy. His actions took flight. Eventually, The Other Human spread across many cities in Greece. The social kitchen – apart from providing meals and shared experiences – extended its reach, offering art therapy and weekly classes for children dropping out of school. These activities and feeding programs are funded and run by volunteers, including people who are homeless and unemployed.

Achieving a Better World for All

As a global leader, Teleperformance continues to strengthen our commitment to make a positive impact on our employees and on our local communities. In Greece, we are proud to support Konstantinos and The Other Human on their quest to create a better world that is powered by solidarity. We are pleased to share that Teleperformance has built the “Home of Humanity,” a facility where The Other Human can continue its mission of helping people.

Teleperformance is beyond honored to contribute to the renovation of the facility, as well as covering its rent expenses for the next two years. The Home of Humanity will house The Other Human’s activities, such as providing meals and cooking food. It will also become the setting for the social kitchen’s other activities, including tutoring for the disadvantaged and homeless. Every day, more than 250 people will benefit from these initiatives.


On the partnership, Konstantinos said: “The contribution of companies to the reinforcement of any social action is not only useful, but also necessary to continue. We are thrilled that Teleperformance and its employees in Greece are supporting us.”

“We’ve admired the initiatives of O Allos Anthropos for a long time,” stated Constantinos Hamalelis, CEO of Teleperformance in Greece. “It is our honor to contribute to its work, both with financial support for the new facilities and the voluntary actions of our human resources. We have embraced an excellent initiative focused on assisting those in need.”

Teleperformance is proud to envision and create a better and fairer world for all, together with Konstantinos and The Other Human!

Visit our Citizen of the World page for more information on Teleperformance’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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