Inspired to be the best

Together we are: Inspired to be the Best!

Teleperformance - 05.29.2021

At Teleperformance, we are driven by our passion for creating human connections. We bring people together and inspire our employees to deliver exceptional support each and every day. We do so by aligning with our clients’ vision, assembling high-performing teams, overcoming our challenges, remaining passionate about what we do, and constantly learning and improving to achieve the best results possible.

To best demonstrate the traits we feel are core to our continued success, we are excited to announce a new partnership with a culturally diverse group of amazing athletes who have also worked tirelessly to become the very best at what they do.

Each of them embodies the strength, tenacity, and resilience of the human spirit, and we are extremely proud to introduce the world to:


Aries Susanti Rahayu

This speed climbing phenomenon from Indonesia has won seven World Cup medals (most of them gold), holds the speed climbing world record. Aries is so fast she has been nicknamed “Spiderwoman.”

Instagram - Aries Susanti Rahayu

Aries Susanti

Aaron Fotheringham

This amazing athlete doesn’t let his physical limitations define him. In 2006, this American athlete created an entirely new, awe-inspiring sport known as wheelchair motocross. Since then, he has accomplished seven world records, has a global following, and has become known as “Wheelz.”

Instagram - Aaron Fotheringham

Aaron Fotheringham

Adolfo Cambiaso

One of the world’s most ancient and enduring sports, polo was once considered the “sport of kings.” Today, Adolfo Cambiaso from Argentina has reached legendary status as the most accomplished and decorated polo player of all time.

Instagram - Adolfo Cambiaso

Adolfo Cambiaso


Vasco Vilaça

While some sports only require exceptional performance in short bursts, winning a triathlon that consists of swimming 1.5 km, cycling 40 km, and then running 10 km takes incredible discipline and endurance – something this incredible athlete understands well as the World Triathlon Vice-Champion.

Instagram - Vasco Vilaça

Vasco Villaca



Together, we are #InspiredtobetheBest.

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