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Teleperformance - 04.07.2023

Teleperformance continues to move forward after a challenging year had brands rethinking how to have improvements. 2021 marked the importance of business resiliency, of organizations having the ability to adapt after a massive disruption, and the value of continuously finding new ways to connect with customers as their needs and behavior change.

In order to connect better with customers, it’s important that brands learn how to put themselves in their customers’ shoes and acknowledge that they would have their share of both positive and negative experiences.  And all experiences remain in memory. It is essential that brands know consumers, and not only accompany them in their preferences but also anticipate their needs. But how?

As an innovative and award-winning research center committed to studying the consumer’s changing behaviors and expectations, the TP Business Insights Lab continues to share important insights to help companies and brands with their cx improvements strategy. As a trusted thought leader and partner, the TP Business Insights Lab has helped clients interact better with their customers, improve business results through research and actionable insights, and discover the top trends in customer service across multiple countries and sectors.  

Improvements that Help Your Business Go to the Next Level

A company’s customer service has a great impact on a consumer’s perception of the brand and its success. Living in a complex world that continues to digitally evolve every day, it is a must for brands to know which channels consumers love and use, what keeps them loyal, and what makes them brand advocates. In order for brands to have an effective customer service strategy, a deep understanding of how their customers think and behave is highly critical, implementing cx improvements.

The TP Business Insights Lab has gathered thousands of actionable data annually through its Global Survey. The annual survey analyzes the main trends in cx improvements and preferences by country, channel, segment, and generation. The TP Business Insights Lab’s Global Survey continues to conduct thousands of interviews annually to discover the top trends in customer service and to uncover CX improvements. 

Through the TP Business Insights Lab, Teleperformance can help brands and organizations learn in-depth data about customer behavior and preferences. Count on the TP Business Insights Lab to transform actionable insights into positive business results to increase your revenue and growth. Harness the power of insights gathered through extensive research and data.

Elevate your Brand’s Customer Experience with the TP Business Insights Lab!

Get a glimpse of the TP Business Insights Lab’s actionable insights through a few of our white papers which you can download for free: “
Are Digital Expectations Transforming the Future of Consumer Electronics,” “5 Key Trends for How Remote Work and Consumer Spending Have Changed Forever,” and “Is Pay-TV Evolving Fast Enough to Maintain Consumer Attention.”


At Teleperformance, we do our best for optimal integrated customer experience!

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