Driving Advanced Analytics

TP Datathon: Driving Advanced Analytics do the Next Level

Teleperformance - 01.25.2022

TP Datathon is a global contest that promotes cx analytics at Teleperformance and creates winning themes for our clients, operations, and support teams through best-in-class analytics tools, resources, and models. Open to Teleperformance Team Leads and above from all verticals and departments, the contest’s key objectives focus on harnessing Teleperformance’s high-tech, high-touch approach using an analytics concept. Through TP Datathon, Teleperformance can recognize and reward our homegrown talent, whose winning ideas leverage analytics to boost business performance. TP Datathon also enriches the cx analytics pipeline for our key clients, operations, and internal support team.


Teleperformance is excited to announce the winning entries in our recently concluded TP Datathon, which was made even more insightful and exciting through our partnerships with companies that are leading the way in the technology and integrated customer experience industries: CallMiner, a software company that specializes in AI-fueled conversation analytics; Verint, a global leader in customer engagement; Microsoft, a multinational technology corporation, and NICE, a software solutions leader that improves business performance through advanced cx analytics.


To share key knowledge on cx analytics and its real-life applications in today’s industries, we featured our partners in a series of webinars presented before the contest. CallMiner tackled contact analytics and how to build a conversation analytics program. On the other hand, Verint discussed a holistic and comprehensive interaction analytics approach to capture and bring together information from across the enterprise, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and use it to drive better performance and automate quality management. Meanwhile, Microsoft presented business intelligence and digital transformation in manufacturing, E-commerce/retail, banking and FSI through advanced analytics and AI, powered by Azure, over multiple expert sessions. Finally, NICE put the spotlight on Nexidia, its solution that turns both structured and unstructured data into valuable and actionable information.


Over 600 projects were submitted worldwide, and the selection of ideas that made it to the Global Finals took place in October. The qualified entries fulfilled the following requirements:

  • The idea had an analytics intervention related to descriptive, diagnostic (TP Interact or interaction analytics), and predictive (TP Recommender)
  • Had an ROI(return of investment)​
  • Complied with safety and security regulationsof the company

The TP Datathon Global Finals was held last December 10. The winning analytics entries were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Benefits:Overall ROI and overall impact to Teleperformance and clients
  • Data Accessibility/Availability: Complexity of data availability or accessibility (data with the client, data with Teleperformance, data with a third party, Infosec approval requirements, etc.​)
  • Prioritization:Global client, Top 200, farming opportunities, internal benefits to Teleperformance, ExCom engagement, client support
  • Presentation: The look and feel of the teams’ presentation


We are truly proud and pleased to announce the winners of the TP Datathon!

First place:

  • Project Name: Attrition Analytics (TP Recommender)
  • Region: A joint project between CEMEA and APAC
  • Participants:
    • From CEMEA: Nathalie Gillio and Dimitris Stampolakis, mentored by Kimon Deligiannis
    • From APAC: Hao Wang and Jian Luo, mentored by Corrine Lim and Rupanjana Chakravarty


Second place:

  • Project Name: Post-Travel Customer Care
  • Region: India
  • Participants: Samarth Arora, mentored by Sachin Garg


Third place:

  • Project Name: Attrition Risk Predictive Heatmap
  • Region: CTSS
  • Participants: Courtney Cruz and Michael Archangel, mentored by Christian Ibanez


Through TP Datathon, Teleperformance had set the stage for our homegrown data scientists! We want to congratulate all the winning teams for their TP Datathon entries. We also extend our gratitude to our partners for gracing TP Datathon with their industry know-how and excellence. Learn more about our integrated customer experience here!


See you at the next TP Datathon!


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