TP Flight School: New Generation of Global Travel Advisors

Rahul Jolly - 12.13.2021

As 2021 draws to a close, a significant tide of recovery for the global travel industry was seen through the year. Despite the uncertainty and potential disruptions in the future, we anchor its sustainability on the power of digital transformation.

Planning certain trips or critical travel moments—such as a family vacation, an important business trip, or a last-minute emergency—carry a disproportionate weight in customers’ minds. Add to this the anticipated volume of traffic during peak and holiday seasons. Now, more than ever, travelers need more seamless interactions built on an intimate understanding of their preferences including their health, safety, and comfort.

The most pressing imperative for all companies across the travel supply chain is bringing back capacity or, at the very least, ensuring that they’re able to do so.

As labor pool shrinks, sourcing experienced & skilled travel advisors will also continue to be a known challenge – more in some geos than others. Together, this period could be used for a reflection to analyze, rethink and fine-tune day to day working tools and get ready for the post-Covid-19 time. We have a very big opportunity in our hands –We need to ensure that our global solutions are well positioned and prepared to support our travel clients as volumes return. 

At Teleperformance, we’re more than prepared for the expected surge in traveler demand. We’re actually excited to take on the new era of travel with a fresh set of technology and talent solutions. Aside from an existing arsenal of digital solutions, an ever-ready global team of innovation experts, we are now accelerating the building of a new pool of travel advisors through our latest innovation–The Teleperformance Flight School. Our program is prepared in strategic partnership with 2 of the largest GDS providers & technology partners for global travel industry. 

It is a simpler, faster, more cost-efficient way to drive consistency and standardization of GDS training for travel agents within the Teleperformance Group, starting with our Interaction Experts at Teleperformance Philippines.

TP Flight School is, of course, enhanced by our homegrown digital solutions like TP Simulator and TP Travel developed through our Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.TM) innovation framework.

TP Flight School is a manifestation of our commitment to instill confidence among the travelling public and provide access to the most proficient talent pool across Travel clients with these niche skill requirements. By improving our Travel & Hospitality talent pool across the board through TP Flight School, we’re able to expand and elevate customer travel experience, upskill people, and offer a new rewarding career path to a new generation of the global workforce that is keen on travelling.

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