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TP Open Doors: Welcome to Mexico!

Gustavo Mir González, CEO - 11.02.2023

As an Argentinian living in Mexico for more than two years, I want to share with you the beauty of this country and its people. Mexico has no limits for talent. It is an ecosystem of innovation, opportunities that change lives, and ideas that today are already changing the world. ​

There are many sides to Mexico – the technological Mexico; the Mexico that speaks many languages; the Mexico that connects with the whole world with a flight, an interaction, a click; the enormous Mexico that is so diverse and so full of youth, where entire countries can fit in it; and the Mexico that wants to conquer the world and puts people above all things.​

I am honored to lead such an amazing team in Teleperformance Mexico; people who inspire, who do not give up, and for whom there are no dreams or goals that cannot be reached.​

Teleperformance in Mexico was founded in 1996 and is a top employer in the country. With over 21,000 employees, Teleperformance is the leading French company that generates the most jobs in Mexico. ​


A partner center

Mexico is a natural bridge between North America and the rest of Latin America. The size of the market, population, multicultural affinity, and infrastructure make Mexico an ideal hub to serve the Americas. With eight language capabilities, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese, we serve over 30 countries and have a six-year average client tenure, with some of our clients being with us for more than 25 years.​

Our expertise in multiple verticals such as BFSI, technology, telecom, travel and leisure, hospitality, healthcare, media/entertainment and electronics, fast-moving consumer goods, retail, e-commerce, business services, and utilities, make us the partner of choice for the nearshore and domestic markets.​


An innovation center

Mexico City is home to the largest number of startup companies in Mexico, while the city of Guadalajara is considered the Mexican Silicon Valley, becoming a hub for research, innovation, and development.

​We win awards by helping companies improve. Teleperformance was recently awarded eight prizes in categories such as diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, operations, customer experience, sales, customer service, and best CX digital transformation and use of technology. Teleperformance is also part of the 500 most important companies in Mexico, ranking 347th, above any competitor in the industry in 2023. ​


A people center 

Teleperformance also received the Great Place to Work® certification for the eighth consecutive year, ranking #23 in the category of 5,000+ employees and 20th in the Best Places to Work for Women™ ranking. Furthermore, 44% of our workforce is women and nearly 50% of internal promotions in 2022 were given to women. ​


An opportunity center

Mexico has a population of more than 126 million people, and with our Cloud Campus solution we now have access to an unlimited talent pool. We have provided job opportunities to more than 170 communities in Mexico, including some areas where unemployment rates are higher than in the rest of the country. With 51% of our workforce working from home, we have three centers enabling equipment delivery and four hubs that support our interaction experts working remotely.​

A conscious center

Teleperformance in Mexico uses 100% renewable energy. We were recognized by Iberdrola Mexico as one of the first 50 companies to change its electricity supply to renewable energy. Teleperformance ranked #24 in the 100 Most Sustainable Companies in Mexico ranking by Greentology.​


Lastly, Teleperformance keeps future generations in mind. We have a more than 13 years of partnership with Un Kilo de Ayuda, an NGO dedicated to ensuring that all children under five years old in Mexico have complete childhood development. We have raised over $300,000 for this cause.​

I am honored to open our doors in Mexico to you and experience everything this great country has to offer. Join our virtual tour!

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