“TP Open Doors” Welcomes You to Colombia!

“TP Open Doors” Welcomes You to Colombia!

Teleperformance - 02.06.2023

At Teleperformance, we believe in transparency – with our employees, our clients, our investors, and the world. So, throughout 2023,  we invite you to join us on a virtual tour to our many world-class facilities. Welcome to the TP Open Doors series.  

Get a glimpse of the Teleperformance life, meet our employees, hear their stories, take a peek at our facilities, and learn why 97% of Teleperformance employees work in a Great Place to Work®-certified site.  

Step right in, don’t be shy! Welcome to TP Open Doors! 

TP Open Doors’ First Stop: Colombia

Today, we are taking you to the birthplace of vallenato, and the gateway to South America! Put on your seatbelts and hang on tight – we are heading to Colombia! 

Radiate the Colombian energy and get filled with passion. Teleperformance in Colombia employs over 42,000 employees, making us the top employer in the country. With a high focus on training, we continue to give our employees room to grow and develop, helping them achieve more in their careers. We are truly grateful to be included in the Best Workplaces list, and even more grateful to our employees who consider Teleperformance in Colombia a great place to work. 

The Teleperformance site in Bogota offers services to more than 110 clients from a variety of industries: banking and financial services, retail and e-Commerce, social media, healthcare, telecom, energy and utilities, travel and hospitality, and the new economy.  

A Site that Cares

Teleperformance strives to make a positive impact on the environment and on the communities where we operate. In Colombia, we share our vision of a better and fairer world for all. In 2022, our teams in Colombia planted more than 1,500 trees and reused eight tons of recycled plastic. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the country remain fueled by the generosity of our employees, who supported our initiatives to promote education in the country. Over 12,000 employees volunteered to join our CSR activities in the country. Furthermore, Teleperformance in Colombia has also reached the carbon-neutral mark in 2022. 

Diversity, equality, and inclusion drive our site in Colombia forward. To date, 54% of employees are women. About 2,500 of our workforce in Colombia are migrants.  

A Site that Keeps Employees Engaged

Teleperformance understands the value of our employees’ health and well-being. This is why we continue to invest in creating topnotch facilities and spaces that let our employees unwind and have fun. One of our sites in Colombia feature a movie theater, hammocks, and a nap area where our employees can relax during their break. A health and safety office is always ready to provide care and medical assistance to our employees. 

Finally, Teleperformance in Colombia is the home of TP Gaming Arena, where employees can play fun games. It is also designed to explore new and exciting ways to do business through virtual interactions. The TP Gaming Arena also features a tournament area where gamers meet, play, and compete. 

We are so excited to open our doors in Bogota to all of you! Join us as we go on a virtual journey starting today.

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