“TP Open Doors” Welcomes You to India!
Diversity & Inclusion

“TP Open Doors” Welcomes You to India!

Anish Mukker - 03.20.2023

At Teleperformance, we believe in transparency – with our employees, our clients, our investors, and the world. So, throughout 2023, we invite you to join us on a virtual tour to our many world-class facilities. Welcome to the TP Open Doors series.

Get a glimpse of the Teleperformance life, meet our employees, hear their stories, take a peek at our facilities, and learn why Teleperformance employees work in a Great Place to Work®-certified site.

TP Open Doors’ Next Stop: India

As the world’s fastest growing economy, India is a country vast in opportunities, powered by a skilled and youthful workforce. I am pleased and proud to welcome you all to our Mumbai site at Teleperformance in India!

For over 20 years, our strong presence in India has created meaningful interactions that elevated the customer experience. Our exceptional performance in the country continues to be marked by innovation, technology, and a highly skilled workforce.

In India, we are present in over 70 cities, serving over 20 countries. We are a team of over 90,000 employees committed to making each interaction simpler, faster, and safer. We speak over 22 languages across 37 delivery centers. Teleperformance in India continues to ensure the safety of our employees, offering them flexibility in order to have a work-life balance. To date, we have over 20,000 employees working from home.

Elevating the Employee Experience

Our Teleperformance site in Mumbai offers industry-specific solutions to more than 200 clients from a variety of industries: banking and financial services, retail and e-Commerce, healthcare, telecom, energy and utilities, travel and hospitality, and the government sector.

As an Employer of Choice, Teleperformance in India constantly focuses on the learning and development of its employees, providing the best workplaces, stable opportunities, and proper training.

Teleperformance has been Great Place to Work-Certified™ in India for 10 years. We are committed to help our employees become the best versions of themselves. We are proud to share that over 5,100 promotions took place in 2022.  Furthermore, Teleperformance in India values diversity, equal opportunities, women empowerment, and thrive in a culture of respect and acceptance.

I am proud to witness our employees be committed to making progress in advocating for equal opportunities. We strive to drive our growth by fostering a culture of respect and focus on innovation and excellence.

Join me as Teleperformance takes you on a virtual tour of our site in Mumbai through TP Open Doors! Click here to watch the video.

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