TP’s Commitment to Fostering Great Workplaces
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TP’s Commitment to Fostering Great Workplaces

Teleperformance - 06.29.2021

As a worldwide leader in fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity, we never stop ensuring that we deliver the best working environment to our people. The Great Place to Work (GPTW®) Institute is the global authority on workplace culture, recognizing organizations who have provided great company culture for employees. For many years, Teleperformance sites across the globe have been GPTW®-certified and have received numerous awards from the GPTW® Institute, proving that our commitment to providing an inclusive and collaborative work environment for our employees remains steadfast.


Year after year, Teleperformance sites in different parts of the world have been evaluated by GPTW® teams. The GPTW®’s Trust Model© serves as the lens GPTW® uses to evaluate and assess the employee experience. It’s also the backbone of GPTW®’s Trust Index© Employee Survey that is answered by employees prior to certification. We’re thankful to our employees who continue to show their trust in us and allow us to understand how we can even do better each year. The Trust Model is supported by five dimensions taken from an employee’s view: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie.


2021 marks a unique celebration on its own, as Teleperformance has unlocked a monumental moment! To date, nearly 90% of all Teleperformance employees work in a certified Great Place to Work® site, as recognized by the prestigious GPTW® Institute! Boosting our credibility in setting the highest standards for great employee experiences, we are also pleased to report that we have received a total of 31 GPTW® awards so far this year. This milestone is made possible by our employees, who serve as keys to our success as an organization.


We are extremely proud to have this milestone achieved with our employees! We remain relentless in cultivating a workplace that allows our people growth and happiness. Join us as we mark this monumental moment! Watch the video below and join in on the celebrations! Congratulations to all, and once again—we are #Proud2beTP!

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