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TP Wellness: Mental and Emotional Well-being for T&S Workers

Teleperformance - 05.18.2022

The proliferation of user-generated content (UGC) continues to result in content moderators experiencing a growing amount of responsibility on their shoulders. Tasked with keeping online communities safe, content moderation outsourcing and its moderators act as online gatekeepers and first-time responders in today’s digital ecosystem—an important line of defense that ensures trust and safety (T&S) standards are being upheld in an organization and in its online spaces.

Monitoring, filtering, removing, and preventing harmful and abusive UGC on a daily basis is not easy. Exposure to disturbing and traumatic content can take its toll on content moderators, negatively affecting their mental health and emotional well-being. While the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning, advanced algorithms, or predictive analytics assist content moderators in reducing repetitive tasks and increasing accuracy, ill-intentioned “actors” in online spaces are becoming more and more sophisticated in bypassing and evading automated content protocols. All these and more make a content moderator’s job especially challenging—hence, prioritizing a content moderator’s emotional well-being and mental health should always remain a priority.

Providing Full-on Support, No Exceptions

In the T&S sphere, ensuring employee wellness has become mandatory, as content moderators remain at the core of safeguarding UGC to steer companies away from a bad reputation and an eventual online demise. What then, can companies do to provide full-on support to all content moderation outsourcing professionals who relentlessly patrol today’s growing digital spaces?

  • Proactive mental health support: With everything that has been going on in the world, i.e., global pandemic, new working conditions, surviving after the global pandemic, heated general discourse, conflict and crisis, etc.—silence has become a chosen reaction among those who want to counter all the negativity. In the case of T&S workers, silence can be a worrying thing, which is why companies must be proactive in providing round-the-clock mental health support and psychological counseling to its employees.
  • Address the “new normal” challenge: When people got stuck inside their homes during the pandemic, the amount of UGC exponentially rose. For content moderators, this meant more content to monitor, making them more at risk with the job’s negative effects. Furthermore, with remote work gaining traction, T&S workers found themselves working from home during the pandemic. It is truly important for content moderators to separate work from their personal lives. To achieve this, offer flexibility in terms of working hours and provide a space where they can feel a sense of connection and engagement—this is crucial, as it gives a sense of community and support, even in remote conditions.
  • Develop and harness employee skills and traits: Constant learning and development can contribute to stabilizing T&S professionals’ well-being and mental health. Provide programs and activities that teach employees new knowledge and skills that allow them to realize their full potential both in and out of the workplace.
  • Compassion and understanding first: Lead by example. Compassion and understanding are two characteristics that should never leave a T&S workspace.
  • Flexibility for that work-life balance: Content moderators aren’t built to withstand everything. Remind employees that taking a break is not and will never be seen as a negative. Be generous with paid leaves, shift schedules, break times during a working day, and work hours. Your employees would be extremely grateful.

Together in Facing the Challenge

As our T&S professionals continue to ensure safety and security in today’s ever-expanding digital environments, we at Teleperformance go above and beyond in prioritizing their well-being, safety, and security. Our focus on the wellness of our teams—whether they’re working on-site or from home—only continue to strengthen, always addressing the needs of our employees. How does Teleperformance and its content moderation outsourcing face the demands and the growing challenges together with our T&S employees?

  • An established Trust and Safety Training Academy:
  • Teleperformance has implemented a dedicated learning platform that encourages talent development
  • Investment on coaching and training
  • Advocating for the progress of mental health and well-being: We have built partnerships with leading universities to facilitate research in well-being
  • Comprehensive wellness framework: This wellness framework is focused on creating and building resiliency among Teleperformance T&S employees. We also started “Wellbeing for Life Global Training Program” to ensure T&S professionals are mentally and emotionally prepared to detect stress or fatigue.

Learn more about Teleperformance’s trust and safety services today! While you’re here, you can also download our free white paper on content safety trends and strategies for an increasingly digital and social world.

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