TP Women and Teleperformance Trailblazer

TP Women and Teleperformance Trailblazer

Teleperformance - 04.21.2021



Teleperformance Philippines' podcast The Teleperformance Trailblazer (formerly The Weekly Trailblazer) aired its first episode in July 31, 2017. At the time, it was meant to be an additional avenue to share business information and support the learning of all employees. This was done through internal and external guests who are considered SMEs on topics selected based on global and local events in TP and the communities we operated in. It soon became a resource embedded in TPPH ecosystem where episodes are used as openings in some meetings, discussion topics during coaching and the like. 


The Teleperformance Trailblazer has since published a variety of topics including those on D&I. In fact, in its nearly 4 years 17% of the episodes were centered on women-related concerns. In 2020, TP Women PH intentionally leveraged the platform to bring about a broader appreciation of the women agenda - our dreams and realities, our achievements and lessons, the systems that promote or hinder our progress as professionals and members of society. That year had 20% of the episodes focused on topics directly relevant to our women population such as TP Women in tech & TP Women leaders inspiring other women. This year we opened 2021 with an episode on Fighting Cervical Cancer celebrating our own board member, Marilyn Ventenilla. This episode resonated so much with the audience - men and women - expressing their appreciation of learning from Lynn's experience and drawing strength from her triumph. This interest also generated further awareness of TP Women and what it means to belong. 


This outcome is just one of many examples of how carefully crafted collaborations improve our organizational ecosystem and heighten our sense of community. 


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