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Travel BPO: Flying High with TP Travel

Rahul Jolly - 02.18.2022

As governments eased travel and border restrictions, travel and hospitality companies are currently seeing a sliver of light in a changing travel bpo landscape. It’s a slow way up, but like other industries, the opportunity to rethink or improve their business strategies to attract a customer base has never been stronger. Today’s current state somehow makes growth more feasible (and reachable) for the industry—as more and more people get vaccinated and boosted, they would face less travel restrictions and be presented with a greater capability to travel. The long lockdowns may also prompt a strong desire among individuals to finally travel after so long, therefore sparking a demand for more ways to fly.

As the avenues for travel open up, it may present an abrupt change in consumer needs and more challenges to face for travel BPO. As travel and airline companies experience repeated disruption as a result of emerging COVID variants as well as uncertainty around changing aviation regulations, travelers may anticipate difficulties when it comes to booking, changing, or canceling flights. From an airline company’s perspective, there are the challenges of managing limited airline staff, longer wait times, delays in flights, or increased costs to cover for customer refunds when necessary.

With airports slowly seeing a surge in passengers, airline companies must find a way to keep their customers satisfied while ensuring their operations remain efficient, especially when the soaring customer demand in travel require seamless support.

Operating in a volatile environment, airlines are today influenced by a variety of external factors that impact their business—either on the ground or in the air. Extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, mechanical problems, labor issues, industrial action, air traffic congestion, security alerts, and other disruptions can not only damage an airline’s brand value but also generate unexpected costs.

Furthermore, Global Distribution System (GDS), a computerized network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, can be long and complex when alternating between multiple screens and command handling, increasing error probabilities and financial loss. The required extensive, expensive, and outdated method of agent-GDS training also negatively impacts productivity and efficiency.

In today’s digital age, automation plays an important role in enhancing the travel bpo and CX. In the travel and hospitality industry’s case, an agile, assisted operating model can be key to hassle-free travel, much to the delight of weary travelers. With Teleperformance’s focus on high-tech, high-touch solutions that aim to elevate the CX, we continue to break barriers in innovating and finding ways to make every interaction simpler, faster, and safer. Teleperformance unveils TP Travel.

TP Travel: Flying High in the Travel BPO towards an Elevated CX

TP Travel is an easy and friendly reservation manager integrating different business core systems, based on customizable business rules engine and industry knowledge. It improves the core processes of OTAs and airlines while making the daily jobs of its users easier. In addition, it improves the assistance provided to agents by giving timely response recommendations and interpreting a customer’s emotions, resulting in agent knowledge and assertiveness in responses. Therefore, it results in reduced management times.

As a digital transformation project, TP Travel can bring a lot of benefits to travel operations, especially to travel agents providing customer service. It has a direct connection with the most important GDS processes and also has the possibility to set all the necessary business rules in order to automate end-to-end processes. The only thing that the travel agent needs to do is follow the step-by-step process in TP Travel, confirm the information with the customer, and let TP Travel work its magic. The TP Travel project can merge LOBs, improve the first call resolution, and increase the customer satisfaction.

Be familiar with TP Travel’s key benefits and key results:

Simpler integration: A friendly, single screen that integrates 3 Global Distribution Systems (GDS): Amadeus, Sabre, and Galileo
Faster processes: Eliminates all the cryptic commands and different interpretations of the fare rules to the agents
Better processes and employee experience: Better process standardization, and reduction of agent stress and frustration
Customization: Customized fare rules engine
Cloud solution: 100% cloud-native solution, easy to implement, deploy, and scale

50% reduction in training time
up to 50% reduction in penalties (ADM)
30% reduction in average handling time (AHT)

Disruption continues to be a part of the travel and hospitality industry. Teleperformance’s suite of solutions can help manage disruption, ensure continuity, and support businesses in making the best decisions to provide excellent customer experiences. Soar higher through TP Travel! Contact us today to learn more about our hospitality customer service and how we can help your business.

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