Unlocking Human Potential Through Automation

Unlocking Human Potential Through Automation

Teleperformance - 08.12.2021

The rapid acceleration of technology in recent times has sparked the evolution of automation: a time when machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence (AI) have become key players in organizational strategies to strengthen digital transformation efforts. The role of digital transformation has become increasingly important over time — even more so after a global pandemic — as the need for greater operational capacity, business resiliency, and flexibility has exponentially heightened for businesses to survive.

Automation is currently enabling more sophisticated solutions across all industries. As a result, organizations are seeing the value of automation, with ML, RPA, and AI assisting humans in their day-to-day operations. In fact, repetitive tasks can now be automated to achieve efficiency while boosting employee productivity and happiness. A McKinsey report states that there are 2.6 trillion hours of work per year that are automatable. Imagine the possibilities of a workforce powered by humans who are assisted by automation: we see greater employee satisfaction, elevated customer experience, increased business value, and overall, simpler, faster, and safer interactions for our employees, clients, and their customers.

The Automation Platform That Finds the Right Balance

As the world embarks on a new phase marked by restarts, it is perhaps the best time for organizations to reevaluate their strategies to integrate and harness the many capabilities of automation. In our latest LinkedIn Live event, Teleperformance Global Head of Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.™) Sid Mukherjee engaged with Guy Kirkwood, former Chief Evangelist at UiPath, a leading enterprise software automation company. Founded in Romania, UiPath is fundamentally reshaping how people work. “We are the key that is able to unlock human potential by empowering workers through automation by enabling a fully automated enterprise,” Kirkwood shared during the event. “Becoming such an enterprise is not dependent on size, but a question of mindset. A workplace where people think ‘automation first’ is one where the right balance is found between what software robots do and what humans are freed up to do to add value to their organization.”

Teleperformance understands that today’s digital landscape requires new ways of empowering and preserving our humanity. As a company that fully believes in the value of the human touch, our partnership with UiPath has truly complemented our high-tech, high-touch approach, allowing us to deliver great customer experiences as a result. By partnering with UiPath, Teleperformance is a step closer to unlocking human potential through automation.

Kirkwood envisions a business environment where automation is used to assist humans: “In this environment, all workers should know that automation can take on the endless, repetitive work that none of us enjoys anyway, allowing us to focus on qualities that we as humans have — abstract thinking, creativity, innovation, passion, and community engagement. Our vision is a world where everyone has the power to automate.”

Gain insights into transformation in our latest #TPLive event and learn how automation can transform the end customer experience. Also, deep dive into the increasing convergence of RPA, AI, and automated process discovery, including how Teleperformance is upscaling the workforce in areas relevant to the future of work through T.A.P.™. Click here to access this LinkedIn Live event!

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