Unparalleled Safety and Service in Challenging Times

Unparalleled Safety and Service in Challenging Times

Clémentine Gauthier - 01.05.2021

Resiliency and adaptability have become necessary for us to survive in the new normal. With the pandemic prompting a massive disruption in various sectors and industries globally, employees also experienced rapid changes in how they live and work. The implementation of social distancing policies and various health-related regulations quickly altered the workplace for employers and employees alike, and a new structure became vital more than ever.


In our commitment to ensuring that employees’ health, safety, and well-being were always put first, especially during the initial stages of the outbreak, Teleperformance reacted quickly to support our workforce’s safety needs while addressing our clients’ unique business conditions. We made sure that employee safety and hygiene programs were in place at every site worldwide. In addition, we carried out health checks and site disinfection policies, with health and safety lines open 24/7 for teams globally. Our two main objectives were to protect our employees and ensure the safety of our people, and protect jobs by implementing work-at-home solutions to ensure business continuity for our clients.


The deployment of our employees to a work-at-home (WAH) model truly fortified our ability to adapt and be resilient in the midst of unforeseen challenges. As the global leader in customer experience management, we know that service and care are of the utmost importance for employees and partners. And it is our diligent efforts in employee health, safety, and well-being during a global pandemic that caught the attention of various organizations worldwide, which included the following:


  • In Portugal, Teleperformance became the first in its sector to obtain a COVID Clean certification by EIC/VERYCER. The certification covered 11 sites in the country, proving the effectiveness of our best practices in combating and preventing the COVID-19 virus.
  • In Albania, the Italian Network Group, in partnership with Autenticert Certification Entity, recognized Teleperformance as the first company in the country to obtain a COVID-19 certification for reducing the risk of contagion in the workplace and complying with current anti-COVID-19 regulations.
  • In Italy, Teleperformance also became the recipient of a COVID-19-Free Quality Certification from the Italian Network Group. The certification recognized that Teleperformance met the requirements to manage its business activities safely for the health of its employees and customers, in compliance with state-issued laws. Teleperformance in Italy also achieved an ISO 45001 Certification for its H&S management system.
  • AFNOR certified Teleperformance in Morocco sites for complying with the COVID-19 Health Charter audit including 52 measures that met or exceeded Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • In France, four Teleperformance sites were certified by Bureau Veritas, certifying compliance with the sanitary procedures from the French Labor Department.
  • Teleperformance in Colombia obtained the SAFE GUARD certification from Bureau Veritas, in compliance with good practices in biosafety protocols for the prevention and reduction of risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • AENOR Trust handed Teleperformance in Spain an Action Protocols Against COVID-19 certification.


Congratulations and thank you to our teams worldwide for their unbridled passion for making each interaction matter and for preserving health, safety, and well-being in these trying times.


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