Using Gamification for Engagement and to Drive Retention

Using Gamification for Engagement and to Drive Retention

Teleperformance - 05.08.2023

Using gamification for engagement is rapidly accelerating hands-on, experience-centric learning through interactive activities, participation, and constant motivation.

What exactly is gamification? Business News Daily wrote that gamification “injects game play and rewards into everyday activities.” It incorporates game design elements, such as leaderboards, badges, daily challenges, points, and avatars into non-game contexts or environments – mostly in training, knowledge checks and retention, recruitment, and more.

In a LinkedIn Live hosted by our very own Rahul Jolly, Global President of Travel and Hospitality, the spotlight was put on gamification and its role in driving engagement and retention. Joining Rahul in the insightful LinkedIn Live discussion is Melissa Chang, Director of Customer Success at Centrical.

Gamification for Engagement: A Workplace Boost

Gamification proves its value in various non-traditional/non-game environments; however, it continues to shine in the workplace. It can help in improving and driving positive business results: it leverages and boosts learning management tools, it encourages employees to learn and interact, it helps in increasing an employee’s proficiency, and improves employee performance.

Because of gamification’s ability to combine rewards, achievements, social aspects, and learning into one, fun bundle, more and more employees are reporting positive experiences. According to Review 42, 95% of employees enjoy using game-inspired elements at work, and 72% of employees claim that gamification for engagement inspires them to work harder.

Enabling a High-Performance Culture at Teleperformance


As today’s current environment continues to be shaped by digital interactions, gamification has become integral in meeting the changing expectations of employees. At Teleperformance, gamification for engagement has a tremendous impact on onboarding, retention, and in driving positive engagement among employees. “Our operations teams are already accustomed to gamification,” Jolly shared. “In 2017, we digitized our entire agent onboarding lifecycle starting with chatbots to assist in recruiting, and (giving) pre-screening reward badges to candidates that progress through the interview and onboarding.”

And how did this help in improving the experience for the potential employees?

“What we found was that this helped set the stage for what the employees’ experience would be once they are in production, and removed some of the anxiety and friction the agents have to go through when they transition out of training,” continued Jolly. “This has been super important from an early-stage attrition perspective, and for us, it was an opportunity to remove that anxiety.”

Centrical, a software company that improves workforce through real-time performance management, has partnered with Teleperformance to enable a high-performance culture through gamification. “Our roots are in gamification,” Chang states. “It’s all about driving behaviors, employees getting engaged from day one, empowering supervisors with the tools they need to coach their agents.” Centrical provides a unified employee experience powered by gamification and AI that personally guides and inspires the success and growth of every individual through AI-driven performance, coaching and quality management, personalized microlearning, and voice of the employee.

Working together, Teleperformance and Centrical share the same goal of driving performance results.

Learn more about gamification and digital transformation in the industry! Watch our LinkedIn Live featuring Rahul and Melissa by clicking here.

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