Virtual TP Open Doors Next Stop: Egypt
Diversity & Inclusion

Virtual TP Open Doors Next Stop: Egypt

Teleperformance - 03.03.2024

Thank you for joining us as we continue our virtual journey across the coolest Teleperformance sites around the world through Virtual TP Open Doors! After visiting Albania, we are very excited to welcome you to our next destination: Teleperformance in Egypt.

Hello! We are grateful to have you with us here at Teleperformance in Egypt.

For over 17 years, we have been innovating and strengthening our commitment to both our clients and our employees, always delivering cost-effective solutions that aim to put a smile on our clients’ customers.

Fueled by innovation, we combine state-of-the-art digital technologies with highly skilled professionals – we are united with the rest of our TP colleagues in adapting today to master the future.

The outsourcing industry in Egypt has been key in driving the country’s economy. The country has a vast workforce and creates various opportunities for the country’s young population. To date, 500,000 graduates are produced annually from more than 35 universities and 100 institutes, thus creating a rich pool of talent. In addition, Egyptians are highly educated and possess excellent language skills, as they receive education in English, French, Arabic, and German.

Teleperformance is proud to have an awesome team of over 17,000 employees in Egypt.  Currently, we have 10 delivery centers, servicing more than 90 clients in 25 languages across 13 industries. 

As a people company, our employees are the beating pulse behind our organization. We strive to create a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for our people, always ensuring that their needs are heard and met in every way possible. We are proud to be Great Place to Work®-certified for three years in a row and a Most Loved Workplace in Egypt in 2023. 

To take care of our employees, we focus on their wellness and health. We have in-house therapists and a gym available for all employees to use. Career development and employee growth have always been a priority. In 2023, 960 employees were promoted through JUMP!, our career development program, and other internal programs. We also have our initiative called “TP Move Forward,” a learning and development program
designed to help our employees improve and develop their language skills as they aspire to progress their careers in different industries. 

As citizens of the world, we are committed to social responsibility and value diversity and inclusion. Teleperformance works hard to promote our impact sourcing initiatives: in Egypt, 14% of our workforce are impact workers. We also provide opportunities to people belonging to vulnerable groups, including young people without a degree, people living in poverty, refugees, and people with disabilities.

Teleperformance has also extended support to various CSR organizations in Egypt, including donations to the Children's Hospital cancer ward and the Food Bank Institute. 

We are thrilled to have you with us here in Egypt! We hope you enjoy the virtual tour of our facilities. On behalf of everyone here at Teleperformance – welcome to Egypt! 

Watch the video to start Virtual TP Open Doors: Egypt.

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