Virtual TP Open Doors: Welcome to Albania

Virtual TP Open Doors: Welcome to Albania

Diego Pisa, Chief Executive Officer at Teleperformance in Albania - 12.19.2023

Hello everyone! Welcome to Virtual TP Open Doors, where we take you on a virtual journey featuring Teleperformance’s exciting sites from around the world. Last time in our series, we took you to Mexico, Greece, the Dominican Republic, USA, Colombia, India, Portugal, and Brazil. Today, we invite you to join us on a trip to Albania, a country whose strategic location presents great opportunities, giving access to the world’s biggest trade. As we explore Teleperformance's operations in Albania, we hope to inspire you with our commitment to creating safe, cool, and welcoming workspaces for our employees.

Hi, my name is Diego Pisa, Chief Executive Officer at Teleperformance in Albania. As an Italian living in Albania for more than 15 years, I have a deep understanding of the country. Albania is truly one of the best places to live and work in Europe, with the beauty of its lands, the empathy and happiness of its young population, the high level of education, and the ease of getting things done.

Albania, well-connected with major European cities in less than a three-hour flight, is a small country with approximately 2.5 million inhabitants. It boasts a rich tradition and history rooted in values and pride, fostering loyalty and accountability among its people. The high proficiency in languages, coupled with the ease of learning, and a strong educational foundation enable Albanians to collaborate with different countries across various industries.

In terms of education, Albania demonstrates commendable statistics. According to available data, the country has consistently invested in education, resulting in a high level of proficiency and competence among its workforce. This, in turn, enables successful collaboration with diverse industries and countries.

Did you know that Teleperformance in Albania provides digital business services for several European countries? This is why we established a robust digital delivery center in Tirana!

Teleperformance stands as the largest employer in Albania, and I take great pride in leading this intelligent and passionate team. I am thrilled to welcome you to our site in Albania, home to 3,660 employees. Since 2008, Teleperformance in Albania has been helping clients achieve simpler, faster, and safer interactions with their customers across the world. Today, our workforce offers digital business services to 29 clients across 15 markets in nine languages through three delivery centers. We are committed to innovation, always adapting to change in order to master the future – together.

As the core of our organization, our employees always come first. Teleperformance has always prioritized the needs of our people, which is why we put our focus on creating the best workplaces where employees can learn, thrive, and develop while having fun along the way. 99% of our managers come from internal promotions.

I am so proud to share that Teleperformance in Albania has been a four-time recipient of the Great Place to Work® certification, a milestone we’re all extremely proud of! Diversity, inclusion, and equity have always steered Teleperformance in the right direction. At Teleperformance, we are committed to developing a truly inclusive workplace for people from all backgrounds. At present, 15% of our global workforce comprises impact workers. All over the world, 99% of our employees work in a Great Place to Work®-certified site. Our workplace culture thrives on our values that drive respect, trust, and belongingness. Teleperformance in Albania strives hard to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and we actively engage in projects that positively impact our employees and communities.


I am beyond thrilled to welcome you to Teleperformance in Albania. We are grateful and super excited to show you around on this virtual tour. On behalf of all our teams in Albania – thank you for joining us! We at Teleperformance look forward to showcasing more of our global operations in the future.

Watch the video to start Virtual TP Open Doors in Albania.

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