Welcome to the TP Headquarters in Decentraland

Welcome to the TP Headquarters in Decentraland

Luciana Cemerka - 03.16.2023

The metaverse is an immersive virtual world running on 3D where people can interact, play, work, socialize, and learn. It presents an opportunity to integrate all emerging technologies, all working together to achieve a suite of connected experiences that bring brands and their customers together – think virtual reality, social media, augmented reality, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies all being utilized to build not only seamless but also fun interactions or transactions that are bound to affect customer experiences.

All Roads Lead to the Teleperformance HQ in Decentraland


The metaverse has the potential to transform how, when, and where companies and customers interact. This is why it is vital to engage in its stimulating virtual world today.


This being said, Teleperformance continues to explore new spaces as we move forward on our quest to make better connections. We are truly excited to launch the first Teleperformance building in the metaverse through a 24-hour event on March 16, set in Decentraland! As one of the most popular metaverses, we have set our sights on building the Teleperformance Headquarters in Decentraland’s Vegas City District.


The Teleperformance HQ in the metaverse is a place of innovation and fun. The building will feature a stadium, a reception area, an eSports room, a Cloud Campus area, a recruitment area, as well as an events area that will hold special metaverse events and immersive metaverse experiences available to everyone.


Join us as we unveil the Teleperformance HQ in Decentraland! The 24-hour launch event will feature performances by DJ Harrison First and DJ New Girl. Gain key metaverse insights from our special guest speaker Tommaso DiBartolo. Play mini games and earn wearables. Learn about Teleperformance’s latest job openings through a job fair set in the Teleperformance HQ.


Come join the fun and have a good time in the metaverse with us! Add Teleperformance HQ’s launch event to your calendars by clicking here.


Find out how Teleperformance is taking the lead in the metaverse. Contact us today to learn more!



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