Welcoming the Future of Work: Cloud Campus Store in Albania is Now Open

Welcoming the Future of Work: Cloud Campus Store in Albania is Now Open

Teleperformance - 09.23.2022

As the global workforce continues to experience the benefits of remote work, Teleperformance remains relentless in driving innovation and in offering flexibility to our employees through the Teleperformance Cloud Campus.

The evolution of remote work continues to transpire, and we at Teleperformance are committed to strengthening our position as one of the earliest adopters of the work-at-home movement. Over time, we have expanded the reach of Cloud Campus, Teleperformance’s proven, highly secure work-at-home model that offers agility and flexibility to adapt to changing business and employee needs. Designed from the ground up, it is our approach for managing, hiring, engaging, and improving our remote teams around the world.


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It is our vision to bring our Cloud Campus everywhere. Following the great success of the first Cloud Campus Store in Croatia, we are pleased to announce that we have opened another Cloud Campus Store that is ready to welcome employees to the future of work. We are very thrilled to unveil our Cloud Campus Store in Albania, the first Cloud Campus Store in the country that launched last September 21!


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The Teleperformance Cloud Campus Store provides the right innovation and equips our employees with the best technology, environment, and tools to help them achieve professional goals from the comfort of their own homes. In Albania – where Teleperformance talent is abundant – employees can meet face-to-face with an experienced teams that can aid our employees in adapting and excelling in today’s virtual workplace. The Cloud Campus Store also serves as a dedicated space for new hire orientation, training sessions, educational seminars, and meetings.


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Providing exceptional employee experiences and inspiring positive engagement are top priorities for our remote workers. Through Cloud Campus, our work-at-home employees remain connected with their colleagues and enjoy flexibility that allows them to work wherever they live, and live wherever they love.




We are very excited to welcome you to the future of work. Let us help you grow and develop as you reach higher! See you all soon at the Teleperformance Cloud Campus store in Albania!


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