World Aviation Festival: Fly Higher with Teleperformance
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World Aviation Festival: Fly Higher with Teleperformance

Teleperformance - 10.16.2023

Gaining an advantage in a highly competitive travel and hospitality industry requires adapting to change in order to address the growing number of travelers who demand unique experiences, flexibility, convenience, proactive support, and frictionless interactions.

“Digital-first” is no longer a buzzword – and in the airlines sector, digital transformation remains at the heart of exceptional traveler support.

As the leaders of the world’s largest and leading airlines gather at the World Aviation Festival, emerging technologies and digital business services that continue to impact the competitive sector will again be put in the spotlight. Our very own Rahul Jolly, Global President of Travel and Hospitality, shared some insights in a panel carrying the theme How can we Better Understand Customer Perceptions and Empower the Passenger throughout their Journey?” Rahul was joined by senior CX executives from Lufthansa, KLM, and TAP Air Portugal during this insightful occasion.

Aviation festival

The key points and objectives of the discussion were:

  • Strategies that empower the customer pre-flight and how to meet their needs and concerns during and after their journey
  • How to measure passenger experience
  • How to analyze passenger feedback effectively to drive real change
  • How to continue personalizing the passenger experience to create a direct connection to individual travelers



Today, the industry is facing a high demand for business and leisure travel resulting in overcrowded airports, booking and inquiry surges, and flight disruptions. According to Rahul, here are a few strategies to address the challenges:

  • Empower frontline agents with tools to enable faster and more accurate response​s
  • Deploy an effective digital channel strategy to empower customers with automation and self-service solutions​
  • Improve speed to proficiency by automation for agile and flexible operations​
  • Leverage technology and analytics to identify customer pain points to reduce customer efforts

Later that day, Rahul; Jason Smith, Executive Vice President of Global Client Solutions; and Danny Kuivenhoven, Global Head of Generative AI at Teleperformance, thoroughly explored the solutions that can help travel companies make their operations more effective through AI-powered tools and the right expertise.


Together with Teleperformance to Reach New Heights

From reducing customer friction during busy seasons and handling staffing challenges to meeting travelers on their preferred channels and creating exceptional experiences that earn the loyalty of travelers, count on Teleperformance to take your business to new heights.

Personalize passengers journey


With over 35,000 travel experts serving more than 100 clients, Teleperformance has been elevating experiences and improving business results in the airlines sector. Armed with over two decades of experience, we have become the trusted partner of the world’s leading airline companies.



Our AI-powered service portfolio transforms and streamlines operations in meaningful and sustainable ways. We leverage digital business services to boost airline capabilities, supporting more than 100 business processes in over 20 languages. Our teams consist of over 5,000 experts and 100 travel-trained automation experts. Here’s a brief look at our front and back-office services:

  • Booking and reservations​
  • Cross/upsell​
  • Price tracking
  • Service helpdesk​
  • Loyalty program customer service and redemption​
  • Baggage helpdesk​
  • VIP concierge service​
  • Escalation desk
  • Pricing models​
  • Fulfilment management​​
  • Ticketing ​and exchanges
  • Cancellations, refunds, and reissues
  • Invoicing, billing, and collections
  • Fraud detection and prevention​
  • Complaints management​


Delivering the best experience


Teleperformance is at the forefront of digital business services, combining the most advanced solutions with data analytics and disciplined processes to help companies transform and run better. As a trusted partner, we deliver the most advanced, digitally powered business services to the world’s leading travel and hospitality brands, helping them streamline their business in meaningful and sustainable ways.

If you missed the World Aviation Festival this year, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a personalized presentation and workshop that features Teleperformance’s high-tech, high-touch approach that can transform your passengers’ experience.
Contact us today to learn more about our strong capabilities in the airlines sector.

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